Democrats are Death Eaters

Today’s headlines read, “Democrats have become the party of abortion and euthanasia.” You know what Demoncraps are?

They’re DEATH EATERS! In a bizarre twist of life imitating the silver screen, Demoncraps have, quite literally, become the party of DEATH EATERS:

“Death Eaters are characters featured in the Harry Potter series of novels and films. They are a group of dark wizards & witches, led by the dark wizard Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle), who seek to purify the Wizarding community by eliminating the Muggle-borns (wizards and witches born to non-magical parents). They also try to create a new order through the Ministry of Magic and spread fear throughout the Wizarding community by terrorizing and killing important officials and other enemies of the Death Eaters, chiefly the members of the Order of the Phoenix.”

“Death Eaters recognize one another by the Dark Mark branded on their left forearm, a sign created by Voldemort to summon him instantly to them or vice-versa. Their typical attire includes black hooded robes and black masks.”


George Soros as Lord Voldemort

Demoncraps as the Death Eaters

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as Dark Wizards and Witches

Governments local, county, state and federal as the Ministry of Magic

We the People as the Muggle-borns and friends of Harry Potter

Anyone who takes a Constitutional stand for what’s right as Harry Potter and his friends. President Trump, me, possibly you…

Constitution supporting and defending Patriots and III%-ers as the Order of the Phoenix

Human Micro-Chipping as Revelation 13’s Number of the Beast – 666

Yes, I know that last one isn’t from Harry Potter, but…

Abortion as Avada Kedavra, the KILLING CURSE

The IRS and other “untouchable” and Constitutionally bereft government agencies as the Crucio, the Cruciatus Curse (torture)

Demoncrap-Controlled House of Congress as the Imperio, the Imperius Curse (compel)

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter novels and films? If so, then try your own hand identifying the similarities!

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