Democracy and the Fall of American Universities

Universities USED to focus on Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, albeit in advanced forms with both greater breadth and depth than introductory forms learned in high school, including literature (prose fiction, drama, poetry, oral history, autobiography, diary, memoir, letters, essay), business, technical and media communication, math (logicist, intuitionist and formalist definitions), including algebra/geometry/trig/calculus, statistics, differential equations, transforms, change (analysis), sciences including biology, chemistry, physics, and applied sciences such as the various approaches to engineering, as well as “softer” sciences such as psychology, politics, etc., and history!

We cannot forget history, lest we repeat the mistakes of the past!
I routinely — sometimes multiple times a day — write essays here in Facebook, and I include elements from most of the disciplines mentioned above. For example, this post is an essay.

Back to history, these are just three BIG mistakes of the past, but one of the worst is rarely mentioned as it occurred quite a while back towards the end of the Roman Empire (27 BC to 1453 AD).

Interestingly enough, one of Romes most tumultuous times was the the Crisis of the Third Century, a period of invasions, civil strife, economic disorder, and plague.

Aside from the invasions (which may come soon if Biden gets into office, unless Biden IS China’s invasion), this sounds remarkably like the United States of America.

But don’t blame Trump. These symptoms began long ago under Roosevelt’s New Deal which began siphoning funds from hard workers to those who weren’t working for a living. Welfare is fine, in theory, but unless it’s both temporary and designed to help a person get back to being gainfully employed, it’s very harmful to society as a whole, both to those who are paying for it as well as to its recipients. It’s like eating nothing but sugar — it’ll rot everything.

Democracy is, by definition, “majority rule.” It was considered and rejected by our Founding Fathers as requiring the entire population to be well-educated, wise and even-tempered. They chose a Republican form of government, instead, one based on law and, by definition, “open to the public.”

Despite the mixed-up mess you read in Wikipedia, a republic is NOT a democracy and America is NOT a “democratic republic” or “representational democracy.” That’s bullshit.

The United States of America is a Constitutional Federal Republic. PERIOD. So says not only the CIA in their World Factbook, where they have painstakingly identified and classified/categorized ALL governments on planet Earth, but also history books galore before the Demoncraps began pumping out their “democracy!” bullshit like cheerleaders on crack.
Seriously! Those who have not studied history are attempting to usurp historical definitions. Take their entry for Democracy, for example: “Democracy (Greek: ??????????, d?mokrati?, from d?mos ‘people’ and kratos ‘rule’) is a form of government in which the people have the authority to choose their governing legislation.”

WRONG, and and they even left in the true meaning in it’s etymology: “people rule.” Their definition, however, is NOT democracy. It’s representative.

When people chose their government legislation, that’s a different form of government altogether, known as a Representative Government, but don’t go to Wikipedia to look up that definition, as liberals have INFECTED it with “democracy,” as well.

Through the provisions in the Constitution, the U.S. does confer partial representation (federal and Supreme judges are appointed, not elected) in government through an indirect election process, and all 50 state governments more or less mirror the structure of the federal government.

But is it a democracy? Do the people directly rule themselves? Absolutely not. In fact, those we elect do not rule us, either. Instead, we are ruled by law.

Ever hear of the phrase, “the rule of law?” That’s precisely our form of rule here in these United States of America, both individually as well as collectively in our Union. The LAW rules, and the Constitution refers to itself as “the supreme Law of the Land.” Article VI expressly states, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

Quick aside: Obama made a few treaties OUTSIDE of the Constitutional process. Were they valid? NO, as they were NOT made “under the Authority of the United States.”

Let’s get back to the matter of WHY the United States of America is NOT a Democracy:

From left to right, the photos depict three of the most heinous mass murderers of the 19th and 20th Centuries:

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1922-1952).

Responsible for 8.7 to 9 million deaths (Steven Rosenfield, scholar; Timothy D. Syder, Historian, after being given access to the Soviet archives in the 1990s). Roughly 6 million of these deaths were deliberate killings.

Karl Heinrich Marx, Communist (1845-1872) “Journalist” and Idealistic Moron (1818-1883).

Along with inputs from Friedrich Engles, Marx is responsible for loosely codifying “Marxism, a method of socioeconomic analysis that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, better known as historical materialism, to understand class relations and social conflict as well as a dialectical perspective to view social transformation.” Fraught as it is with a secular and therefore unrealistically idealistic and woefully off-target understanding of the nature of the human condition, treating humans as soul-less tools to be used by society, Marxism resulted in both the Soviet and Chinese revolutions (Stalin and Mao) and is responsible for BOTH collections of deaths of the other two.

How many deaths? 65 MILLION (best estimate given the wide variance in estimates of Mao’s atrocities).

IN FACT: “In 2017, Professor Stephen Kotkin wrote in The Wall Street Journal that communism killed at least 65 million people between 1917 and 2017: “Though communism has killed huge numbers of people intentionally, even more of its victims have died from starvation as a result of its cruel projects of social engineering.”

Mao Zedong, Chairman of the Communist Party of China (1943-1976).
Deaths: Estimates range between 40 and 80 million “through forced starvation, persecution, prison labor and mass executions.”

Let’s compare these three to Adolf Hitler, recognizing that Marx’s ideas, lacking a full set of marbles while containing some rather heinously secular and despicable ways of looking at human beings, lead to the heinous actions of mass murderers Stalin and Mao.

Hitler as head of the Nazi’s was bad enough murdering 6 million Jews — two-thirds of the Jewish population of Europe — while killing at least 11 million non-combatants through his Hunger Plan (forced starvation) for a total of 19.3 million deaths.

Marxism/Communism, however, blows Hitler’s crimes out of the water with a mean estimate of 65 million deaths.

Our Founding Fathers REJECTED democracy because of Rome. At its height, it was a Republic, but fell when they allowed democracy to creep in, which lead to socialism (what communism often calls itself to avert the negative connotations of Stalin and Mao) that decayed into anarchy and Rome’s fall.


Anarchists cannot organize to defend themselves. They can in small groups, such as neighborhood gangs, but they’re so anti-authoritarian they’re incapable of accepting the mantle of rule by any organization, whether it be a “benevolent dictator” or even the “rule of law” ultimately administered by the people themselves.

Socialists cannot fathom the idea of defending themselves. They believe everyone should hold unswervingly to the same ideals as they hold themselves, and those who don’t are somehow “defective” and must be eliminated from society. Naturally, this is Marxism all over again, but an idealistic form of it without the dictator or oligarchy administering it. Naturally, this never happens in practice, as the vast majority of thinking individuals reject it.

Communists are the dictators and oligarchs who impose their communist rule on others, often calling it “socialism” as did the USSR to soften the blow of the fact that the masses are nothing more than imbecilic tools for keeping the ruling elite both in power as well as high on the hog FAT while the masses starve.

In contrast, God-centered, Biblical Capitalism has resulted in more excess alongside generosity than any other solution the world has ever seen, while resulting in the least percentage of poor, starving and suffering in any nation the world has ever seen.

Demoncraps are arrogant, imbecilic, mindless and criminal FOOLS.

Don’t be a Demoncrap! It’s a trap, a lie straight from the pit of Hell if not Satan himself.

Updated: January 13, 2021 — 8:56 pm