Defeat of the Anti-Maskers

As a friend of mine said, “as a human being, knowing we are in an epidemic, why wouldn’t we try to help slow down the spread of COVID-19?”

There’s lies the crux of the problem. The sin of anti-maskers has blinded them. These otherwise good, mostly conservative and mostly patriotic people cannot, for whatever reason, see their selfishness through their own sin, despite the absolute fact that science has repeatedly proven beyond any shred of rational, reasonable doubt that masks do, in fact, work, and work very well.

They’re unwilling to do something so incredibly simple that helps not only them but our communities and our nation at large. Instead, they come up with every excuse imaginable — some borderline plausible, but most sheer nonsense.

Anti-maskers call themselves patriots, but in my experience, true patriots have no problem pitching in, shouldering their fair share — if not the lion’s share — of the burden, regardless of how inconvenient or uncomfortable it may be.

When presented with the science, no matter how basic and straightforward it’s presented, do the anti-maskers listen? Do they even attempt basic comprehension?

No, they don’t. In fact, most don’t even read it. The moment reality runs counter to the anti-mask lies they’ve swallowed, they recoil in abject terror before fleeing from reality while hurling invectives and all other manner of vituperation.

They lash out in anger, calling you, me, and others who embrace ration and reason names like “sheeple, coward, traitor (?), brainwashed, mind-controlled, control freaks, idiots, jerks, suck-ups, anti-Trumpers, TDS-sufferers, emotionally/TV-manipulated…”

I’m certain I left out dozens of their more disparaging terms. The last one, however, is cherry, as I don’t even watch TV. As a statistician, however, I do have access to data sets all over the world, and — Surprise! — the proper use of statistics continues to confirm the information being put out by SCIENTISTS from around the world. Not politicians, not mudstream media, not celebrities, but the result of cold, hard SCIENCE, and yes, statistics is a branch of mathematics, which itself is a cornerstone of SCIENCE. In fact, statistics are used in nearly all branches of science and engineering. They keep planes and rockets flying safely, cars rolling, and healthy food on your table, not that anti-maskers realize this, however, as they’re more ignorant of and therefore less trusting of statistics than they are of science.

The conclusions of science are simple: Despite the blitheringly idiotic arguments and objectives of the anti-maskers, MASKS WORK, particularly in preventing the spread of the virus from a host, 80% of whom are carriers and never aware they’re hosts.

Anti-maskers refuse to understand (willful ignorance) that preventing the spread at the source — their own — ALL our own — respiratory systems — is by far the most effective means of stopping the spread of this virus while simultaneously enabling us all to get back to work in relative safety — an absolutely vital component of our economy President Trump and the rest of us worked so hard to build.

Instead, they continue to spread the full gamut of thoroughly and repetitively debunked anti-masking lies.

The most heinous thing about anti-maskers, however, is that some of them KNOW they’re spreading falsehoods, lies and deceit. They’re so far gone into their anarchist “I ain’t gonna let no one tell me shit!” mental fortresses that they would rather others DIE than admit they were wrong, much less actually learn something new.

Some of the retorts, however, are just stupid, seemingly okay on the surface, but void of all logic beneath. For example, “The epedemic [sic] didn’t stop in New York because of mask wearing it stopped because most of the people literally died.” Obviously, this ignores the fact that less than 20% of New Yorkers who can be infected have been infected. It also ignores the fact that after after case rates began skyrocketing, New Yorkers finally donned masks. At least he tried.

The really pathetic ones, however, cast all logic to the wind and employ the good, old-fashioned, tried and true method used by liberal media: The Emotional Appeal. They said things like, “True friends respect the opinions of their friends.” Oh! So if I side with REALITY I’m no longer a “true friend?” Lady, if being your friend requires stupidity, then I chose reality.

If I had to summarize the thought processes of anti-maskers, it would be as “bastions of cerebral concrete and mental cement.” They’re as impenetrable as Castillo de San Marcos, built 100 years before the founding of our nation, whose coquina walls built of billions of tiny shell fragments and limestone absorbed cannonballs like grains of sand shot into marshmallows, which is amazingly analogous to the cerebral capacity of most anti-maskers. Ain’t nothing getting through.

As MC Hammer once said, “Yo, sound the bells, school is in, sucker.”

U Can’t Touch This

Here’s the best line of all: “You must work for CNN.”

My response:

Not at all. I began calling out CNN’s lies in the fall of 1998 and have never stopped. I coined the phrase, “Lyin’ Bryan Williams” when he made his false claims, and similarly called out Hillary Clinton’s false claims about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia.

The vast majority of the time I’m calling Demoncraps on the carpet because they lie, cheat and steal as a routine course of action in their indomitable question for power.

I was rather surprised, however, by the gross and flagrant misstatements of fact and outright falsehoods made by anti-maskers. After realizing they have zero intentions of unlearning falsehoods and coming to grips with reality, I realized ignorance wasn’t limited to the Demoncraps. Rather, ignorance abounds in America on both sides of the political fence.

The only mind-control occurring among anti-maskers is self-delusion.