I’m going to share this again, and here’s why: I watched the PLANDEMIC Conspiracy video. Far too many of Dr. Judy’s statements simply did not ring true. Some of what she said was just flat-out JUNK. It’s why I never shared the video.

But I’m a scientist, not a doctor, so I couldn’t put my finger on many of the things that didn’t ring true.

Then, I listened to this guy. His comments do ring true. They agree with decades of general science study. He’s honest, admitting where Dr. Judy is correct, but clearly and carefully explaining where, why and how she’s wrong, and what the facts really are.

Doctor Fact-Checks PLANDEMIC Conspiracy

He and I both agree on this: “I’m a firm believer in putting out accurate information to combat misinformation, and I’m a firm believer that we need to listen to dissenting opinions, until they become dangerous, and/or absurd.”

There is indeed a great deal of misinformation floating around out there, spread by many people who’ve had their ears tickled, without a whole lot of people who have had enough of the right education and experience to separate the chaff from the wheat.

That misinformation (innocent) and disinformation (agenda) causes HARM, not only to selves, but also to others. Spreading it without checking it six ways to Sunday does society a GRAVE DISSERVICE. You HURT people when you do it, and when it comes to something like the SARS-CoV-2, your mis/dis-information can and probably has killed people.

That’s WHY I do what I do. I enjoy HELPING people. I am NOT agenda-driven. “Whatever works best in the short and long run” is my motto, among others.

I separate the chaff from the wheat.

But I limit my focus to those areas where I’ve had enough formal education and real-world experience to know, conclusively, what’s chaff and what’s wheat. I’m not a know-it-all, but I am a polymath, and have had multiple careers and multiple hobbies. I very good at a number of things and an expert at some.

Getting back to Doctor Mike: He just nails the issue six ways to Sunday. If his observations contradict your world views, perhaps you should steer clear of the CT websites filling your head with chaff and take a few more courses in science and engineering.

The one area where I disagree with Doctor Mike, however, was the need to stay home when PROTECTION IS PORTABLE. Learning to properly use a mask, protective eyewear and basic sanitation and decontamination procedures when you arrive home is NOT rocket science. We teach it to the military in half a day, followed by a field training exercise where they get to work out the kinks. Anyone who fails gets a nice whiff or three of CS. 🙂

If Doctor Mike is willing to spend hours producing a 37-minute video debunking the PLANDEMIC Conspiracy, perhaps he and his colleagues would like to explore the False Dichotomy, whereby everyone was told, “You only have two choices: Stay home and remain safe or keep going to work and die.”

The THIRD option begins when you realize Protection is Portable, that eyewear, masks and basic, properly-taught procedures provide better protection than staying home but still going to the grocery store once a week without proper PPE and procedures.

In fact, had people been properly taught, had anyone bothered to stand up and say, “We’re going to do this, continue working while protecting ourselves, and this is how that’s done,” our nation would never have stopped working, and because of the emphasis on proper training, our COVID-19 cases would be significantly below where they are today.

Something to think about.

Meanwhile, think on these:

COVID-19 PPE and Procedures

And when you’re done with that, think on this. Just keep in mind that if you use protective eyewear, a good mask and procedures, YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY HOME.