How DARE Senator Bennet (CO) Send Me Such Flagrant LIES!

I’m going to let Senator Michael Bennet tell the story in his own delusional words.  Here’s his e-mail I received today, July 28, 2017, along with my interleaved comments in red:


In a 49-51 vote early this morning, the United States Senate narrowly rejected the Republicans’ latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

It should have never been this close.

You’re right.  It should have been 100-0 defeating the worst piece of legislation to ever have been considered in the halls of Congress.  In fact, in this article, The Balance utterly refutes the false claims of Obamacare (the Affordable (NOT) Health Care Act or “ACA”).  The Balance are home to experts who are here to deliver clear, practical advice to help everyone strengthen their lifelong relationship with money so you can earn more, spend smarter, invest well, and build a more secure future.

After seven years of campaigning to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell forced a vote at 1:30 in the morning, on a bill he introduced only a few hours earlier. He did so without a single hearing to discuss its contents and provide bipartisan input. The process was a disgrace, but the substance was worse.

Strange, Senator Bennet, but for a moment there I thought you were talking about the way your own party shoved Obamacare down America’s throat.  In fact, it’s because of your own underhanded violations that Forbes published this rather enlightening article on the nefarious beginnings of Obamacare.

The last version of the bill would have caused 16 million Americans to lose their health coverage, increased premiums by 20 percent, and plunged the insurance market into turmoil.

Again, Senator Bennet, this is precisely what happened when Obamacare was introduced, forcing people into doing things the government has absolutely ZERO business doing, skyrocketing premiums, plunging the insurance market into turmoil, and forcing tens of millions of people to give up their insurance altogether and pay the fine because Obamacare is WAY too expensive.

This is a far cry from President Trump’s repeated promise of a “terrific” plan that would “cover everyone” at a “small fraction of the cost.”

YOUR Senate came up with this plan, Senator Bennet.  Not President Trump.  Why are you blaming him, again?

In recent weeks, it has become clear that President Trump and Leader McConnell’s only goal was to pass something, anything — regardless of how much it harmed millions of Americans.

YOUR Senate came up with this plan, Senator Bennet.  Not President Trump.  Why are you blaming him, again?

There is no shortage of cynicism in Washington, but this surely ranks near the top. Our country deserves better from its representatives.

Yes, it does, Senator Bennet.  In fact, Colorado deserves WAY better than this incredibly deceptive letter from you.  Here’s an idea:  Let’s vote you OUT of office so we don’t have to put up with your sort of LIES ever again, and replace you with a conservative like we did with Cory Gardner.  How’s that for an idea?

To those who spoke out in recent days, thank you. It made the difference. Your voices helped save health care for millions of Americans.

Yet another LIE from your desk.  The voice of We the People have been speaking out AGAINST (64%) Obamacare for eight years, and that includes in recent weeks.  Obamacare was only preserved because of traitors like McCain and 24 other Republican turncoats VIOLATING the will of We the People.

The fight isn’t over. Our task now is to chart a better course: to abandon political gamesmanship and come together to fix health care so it is more accessible, affordable, and better for families.

Damned straight the fight’s not over, but before we can get healthcare OUT of the hand of the government, we need to get self-serving LIARS like Senator Bennet OUT of the government.

Regardless of whether you support the Affordable Care Act or oppose it, most Coloradans are deeply dissatisfied with our health care system.

No shit, Sherlock, but were NOT “deeply dissatisfied” prior to having the ACA monstrosity known as Obamacare shoved down their throats.

They know it needs major reforms to lower costs, expand coverage, and increase choice. They deserve a health care system worthy of their decency and befitting the wealthiest and most innovative nation on Earth.

We the People know that when we get government OUT of the healthcare business, then the business market will return to its competitive self, re-establishing the low, competitive rates that were acceptable to the market as a whole.

In the days ahead, as we continue with health care and take up tax reform, stay engaged. Don’t accept the dysfunction. Demand that your leaders reflect your decency and common-sense. Insist that they tackle our nation’s challenges with the seriousness they deserve.

I hereby demand you read my remarks in red above, and take quick, positive action by RESIGNING from office, you incompetent, lying HACK.

We can do this if we work together.

Thank you,


And thank you, Senator Bennet, for continuing to ruin the United States of America by sticking fast with Demoncrap Party nonsense instead of DOING YOUR HOMEWORK and realizing that the Demoncrap Party’s tack on this and many other issues is just that:  Nonsense.

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