DABL Demands HKS Revoke Their Degrees

This “Revoke Their Degrees” movement a heinous and wholly unacceptable form of coercion.  Basically, DABL* is saying:  “If you refuse to support and defend our agenda, we will erase your years of hard work, deny your ability to work in your chosen profession, and possibly discredit you to the point where you won’t be able to put food on your table i.e. you’ll die, and we don’t care if you do, you scum-sucking, conservative Christian Trump-supporter!”

This sounds EXACTLY like all the witch-burnings, destruction of art, books, mass murder and heinously anti-human folly perpetrated by the likes of Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini against humanity, but all rolled into one: “If you disagree with my ideology, I will burn you.”

It’s no secret History’s Worst Governments Had the Most Ideology. There’s nothing wrong with setting the bar high. That’s not ideological. That’s reality, and if you work hard, it’s attainable. Ideology begins when you depart reality and always results in bad government. By contrast, America’s strength rests in “creating a government of compromise, rather than ideology” (Ibid).

Our government requires the following oath for, well, pretty much everyone, including immigrants,  and in much the same, if not exactly the same form:

“I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

5 U.S.C. § 3331, Oath of Office

We absolutely cannot ever allow things to get to this point. What DABL is proposing goes WAY beyond this. It’s a direct violation of millennial-long convention, not to mention both written and case law.

Here’s reality: Once a person has earned their degree, and that degree has been conferred upon them by the institution, no institution, not even the government, can take it back.  This convention has been upheld for literally thousands of years, since the earliest days of apprenticeships and guilds, which were originally known as “collegium, collegia or corups.”

Think about it:  It’s  not a “license” that can be revoked.  It’s a certificate of accomplishment.  One’s sheepskin is an attestation  that an individual has met or exceeded all academic requirements for the degree and  has been awarded that degree in acknowledgement of their accomplishment.  

You cannot undo someone else’s achievement.  You  can’t take back reality.  Before degrees are awarded, there’s a review process to determine, usually with three sets of eyes, that the student has indeed achieved it, a complete, full, and thorough review of every minutia of both requirements and the student’s achievements.  This review is completed in the quarter or semester prior to the last semester taken.  I know, as I was shy just 1 credit hour of English, and as no single credit hour of any course in the Department of English was available, I had to tack on a three-hour, 4,000-level English course to my usual course load my final semester in order to graduate.  Yuck!

Degrees are NOT given on future condition of good  behavior, and certainly not “so long as you capitulate to our agenda.”  In fact, they are, as a matter of course, “unconditional.”

I knew of a ROTC student, complete with a 2-year scholarship behind him and a commission awaiting him less than 24 hours away.  The night before graduation, with all classes and tests complete, he went out on the town, got drunk, spotted a beer truck making a late-night delivery, hopped in, and drove it about a quarter mile up the street to another bar, parked it, turned the engine off, left the keys inside, set the parking brake, and headed in for another drink.

Before his beer was served, he was arrested and charged with grand theft auto, driving under the influence, driving a vehicle in excess of a certain weight without a commercial drivers license, and parking in a non-commercial parking spot.  

He still got his sheepskin.  He’d already earned it. But his commission was withheld pending investigation, then denied. He was forced to pay back his two-year scholarship. Obviously, no military career, much less as an officer. Amazingly, in part because no one was injured, there was no damage to property, and he obviously didn’t steal it to keep or sell it, he received a suspended sentence, lost his drivers license for six months, and was on probation for two years. Jobs were difficult for a while as the natural consequence of his criminal record.  

But he still received the sheepskin he’d already earned.  An academic degree is not a license.  It cannot be revoked.

A  doctor, for example, may lose his medical license for malpractice, and may even do prison time if it’s severe.  But the decision to suspend a license is usually only permanent i.e. revoked if the malpractice was severe or  if the doctor refuses to take the required steps outlined by the  medical board to remedy the situation.  That doctor can NEVER lose his M.D. That’s a degree, not a license.

That  said, honorary degrees can be revoked for bad behavior, usually heinous and/or criminal action.  Bill Cosby had a bunch of honorary degrees.  He lost them all.  However, he retains his actual degrees. You can still refer to him as Dr. Cosby because he has a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts of Amherst in the mid 1970s.

Furthermore, while a few universities on rare occasion have indeed tried to yank a person’s degree, when they’ve been sued in court, they’ve lost.

When you earn your sheepskin, it’s yours to keep.  This is one of the earliest, most important, and underrated milestones of societal development in all of mankind.  Human beings retain full acknowledgement of their achievements, no matter how badly they stumble or fall afterwards.

While licenses, rank, titles and honorariums can be yanked, degrees remain. Any other push is resoundingly stupid, not to mention completely and utterly ignorant of human achievement to date and societal order in general.

*DABL: Demoncraps/AntiFa/Black Lives Matter/Libtardals