The Internet remains chock full of COVID-19 buffoonery, if not bombastic bullshit. An ex-friend was calling for a mask-burning party. He’s got it in his thick, ignorant head that this is all a lie. I’ve tried informing him repeatedly that “stats don’t lie,” but he doesn’t understanding statistics and he’s got a little bit of knowledge, which is a dangerous thing. He doesn’t comprehend

REALITY: COVID-19 deaths are rising 20% per day as a direct result of people ripping off masks and


1. PERSISTENCE and MODE OF TRANSMISSION: Scientists who participated in the analysis found SARS-CoV-2 was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, copper up to four hours, cardboard up to 24 hours, and plastic and stainless steel up to two to three days. People who are infected might be spreading the virus without recognizing, or prior to recognizing, symptoms.

Mode of Transmission: Multiple, primarily via the air and touching of contaminated surfaces.

Solution: Wear a mask, protecting eyewear, wash your hands before touching anything known to be clean or after touching anything known to be contaminated. Employ social distancing and frequently disinfect high-touch surfaces.

2. STAGES: Presence, Exposure, Contraction, Case Identification, Serious Symptoms requiring Hospitalization, Death.

We have exact numbers for cases, hospitalizations and deaths. The only two “unknowns” are the rates of exposure and rates of contraction for those who’re exposed.

HOWEVER, we have fairly good data for estimating the exposure and contraction rates based on people in known work settings, both with and without masks. Such settings include the USS Roosevelt, meat processing workers, police/fire/rescue, hospitals (routine care, COVID-19 care), etc.

The data is solid and multiple sources corroborate one another. Click to expand:

Bottom Line: We are nowhere near any sort of “herd immunity.” Another 120,000 people will die before we reach that point.

Stop believing the false dichotomy and wear a mask.

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