COVID-19: False Dichotomy and Blue Ocean Strategy for FULL RECOVERY

The issue is not, “Stay Home v. Return to Work.”  That is a False Dichotomy often repeated by those who’re incapable of separating “home” from “protection.” Rather it’s “Working through COVID-19.”

Rather, it’s “Which forms of protection will allow us to RETURN to work?”

This short May 1st YouTube video, released by SciShow and created by describes the absolute best and latest scientific understanding of what we’re actually facing:

Given the nature of the real problem, the solution is simple:  Protection.  Not “stay home for your own protection,” but rather, “Not only do you need protection from others, but others need protection from you!”

For those those who’re intent on returning to work, here’s a tip: Marching on your state capitols while refusing to wear any protection at all makes you look like unbelievable fools, incredible idiots, and just downright morons, if not incredibly selfish, “I don’t care about anyone but myself!” people.


For those who do care about others, including their families, communities and their nation, I have some good news: Based on everything we know right now, IF you wear the proper protective gear AND follow the proper protective procedures you CAN safely RETURN TO WORK.

It’s not even that we need to strike a balance between staying at home and returning to work. That, too is a product of the false dichotomy we’ve all heard from the start.

Let’s instead borrow a page from Blue Ocean Strategy and do something truly profound. We can leave our homes behind IF we take our protection with us as we return to work (and the grocery store) safely and effectively.

It’s time to SEVER the knee-jerk, CBRNE-ignorant government “stay home” mandates! EDUCATE your leaders. WRITE them. Send them the link to his page. Remind them that that staying at home is only one form of protection, and not a very good one at that when one in five grocery shoppers refuse to wear masks.

Remind our leaders that “Protection is Portable!” We CAN take it with us as we return to work. Remind them that by using use the correct PPE and procedures we can actually create BETTER protection than staying home except for grocery shopping under unsanitary conditions.


  1. Proper Protection comes in many forms. Staying home is only one of many options.
  2. Mandating stay at home is economically disastrous.
  3. Mandating the use of proper protection is economically beneficial, allows everyone to get back to work and keeps the government’s vital tax revenue flowing.

Can it be done?  Of course it can be done.  We did it in the military all the time, every time went through exercises or real world events in a mask to full MOPP gear. 

Thankfully, COVID-19 does not require full MOPP gear. In fact, successfully countering it requires minimal equipment — protective eye wear and a good mask — along with a working knowledge of some basic procedures.

I’ve outlined those procedures in my COVID-19 Decontamination Procedures Checklist, here:

What our country — and our world — needs right now is simple:

1.  3 to 5 video and radio spots from 30 seconds to 20 minutes to share this Blue Ocean, WIN-WIN Strategy with everyone.

2.  Directives from governments at all levels opening society back to normal BUT ONLY for those individuals and businesses who agree to wear N95 or better NIOSH-approved masks with exhalation filtration WHILE ALSO employing the full suite of sanitation and decontamination procedures both at home and at work.

Yes, we can indeed beat this virus while returning back to work, but clearly, trying to return to work while shunning all PPE as in, “I ain’t wearing no mask!” is precisely the opposite of what’s required and absolutely will result in a very large spike in case numbers and deaths. I say “absolutely will” because we’re already seeing it happening

My first commanding officer in the U.S. Air Force preached, ‘Work smarter, not harder.”  Staying home while the economy crumbles only to attempt to dig ourselves out at a later date is clearly working hard.  Going without any PPE or procedures isn’t just working harder, it’s both foolish and stupid.

But making portable our PPE while using proper procedures frees us all from the protection embedded in the minds of local, county, state and federal leaders who’re inextricably and erroneously equating protection with staying home.

Staying home is only ONE form of protection.  Very simple, inexpensive (<$10) gear and the proper procedures cuts that cord.  It allows us to take our protection with us as we return to work FULLY PROTECTED.

There’s a SOLUTION to tyrannical governance, one that doesn’t require anyone to wait until the next election. Marching on the Capital while refusing to wear masks, however, ain’t it. Instead, take a gander at this article until it hits you. Then, start organizing your response with the conservative and independent members of government throughout your state until you get the anti-Constitutional tyrants to finally realize it’s in their own best interest to allow all fully PPE’d people to get back to work.

If they fail to capitulate, sue them.