COVID-19 Early Timeline


December 10. Earliest known Chinese patient starts feeling ill.

December 27. Wuhan health officials are told of coronavirus causing the illness.

December 30. A top directorate Wuhan Central Hospital post information on the virus. She was reprimanded and has not been heard from.

December 31. health officials confirmed 27 cases and close a wet market. China informs World Health Organization.

January 2. Chinese researchers map the coronavirus genetic information. This is not made public until January 9.

January 11 through January 17. CCP meeting held in Wuhan.
Health commission insists there were no new cases.

January 14. Chinese state they have seen no clear evidence of human to human transmission.

January 15. The first confirmed patient in the United States leaves Wuhan and arrives in the United States bringing the virus.

January 18. Tens of thousands of people gathered for the Wuhan lunar new year banquet.

January 19. Beijing finally sends epidemiologists to Wuhan.

January 21. First coronavirus patient in the US confirmed.

January 23 Wuhan and three other cities are put on lockdown

January 24. Pres. Trump formed the coronavirus task force.

January 29. Pres. Trump announced the formation of the coronavirus task force.

January 31. Pres. Trump restricted travel from China only to be called a Xenaphobic, racist, and fear mongerer. (During this time the Democrats were holding their impeachment trial)

February 4. President Trump warns the county of the coronavirus at state of union speech. Pelosi tears up the official transcript.

February 7. HHS Sec. Azar holds coronavirus briefing. Democrats refused to attend.

February 24. Pelosi tours Chinatown and tells people to come out and party, have dinner, “it is very safe.”

February 25: New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell proceeds with Mardi Gras, claiming, “We have health personnel stationed along all routes. We’re ready for whatever may happen.”

February 29. Pres. Trump adds new travel bans

March 2. New York Mayor De Blasio tells people in New York to go on with your lives, get out on the town, ride the subway and even suggested a good movie. Similar remarks were made by the head of New York City Department of Health.


CBS 13, Oregon. January 23. You are more likely to catch flu in Oregon then deadly Wuhan coronavirus.

ABC 20, February 13, experts warn flu is greater risk than coronavirus.

KQED, January 29, the flu was still a bigger health threat in the US than Novell coronavirus.

Time magazine, February 18, is the new virus more “deadly” then flu?. No.

ABC 15 Arizona, want to protect yourself from coronavirus? Do the same things you do every winter.

ABC 7 W. Michigan February 10, amid coronavirus outbreak doctors remind public: Flu is deadlier, more widespread.

Reuters, January 31, Dr. suggests worrying about the common flu, not coronavirus.

Patch, February 23. Maryland flu deaths climb as flu more worrisome than coronavirus.

Arizona central, March 21. New coronavirus is likely to go pandemic but that is no reason to panic or overreact

Science alerts, January 25. The flu is a way bigger threat to most people in the US than coronavirus.

National Post, new coronavirus may be no more dangerous than the flu despite worldwide alarm.

CCN, January 31. Relax, coronavirus is less dangerous than the flu


Obviously, neither politicians nor their journalist mouthpieces are scientists. I’m not saying disregard what you see and hear in the news. I am saying take it with a very large block of salt, confirm it via reputable and verifiable sources, and avoid confirmation bias like the plague.

Updated: April 12, 2020 — 1:57 am