Courts and Statistics – the OVERWHELMING evidence AGAINST Biden

It’s already been proven beyond any doubt of any mathematician who knows statistics. The problem is, courts aren’t very adept at dealing with statistics.

For example, one could prove the odds of something occurring are 1 in 1 Trillion. There are 332 million people in the U.S., so the odds of it happening one of the some 332 million Americans in the US are 1 in 3,000 (0.03%), and the courts would say, “So, it COULD happens. It’s POSSIBLE,” and run with it.

Their fallacy is that the question before the court wasn’t t about it happening to one or more of the hundreds of millions of Americans. It was about it happening to a specific U.S. citizen, and the probability was states: 1 in 1 Trillion.

That probability is, precisely, 0.0000000001%.

Put in objective terms, the odds are 50% that it will occur ONCE in 500 billion years, which is 34 times longer than the age of the entire universe.

While data experts are indeed necessary, we need data experts and mathematicians who can express the FACTS not as a matter of their “expert opinion,” but rather, in terms the courts CAN understand, such as “about as statistically possible as a child jumping to the Moon the moment an extinction-level event asteroid hits, catapulting the child’s atoms to the Moon.”

You see, Demoncraps being the criminals they are, just aren’t that smart. Like most criminals, they thought they wouldn’t be caught, “couldn’t possibly be caught,” if they just did their dirty work while blocking access to the observers. They reasoned if they prevented us from observing, they would get caught. Their fallacious thinking was based on the fact that election fraud is detectable by more than direct observation, the same as how cities detect water main leaks by comparing historical node flow rates to current node flow rates. Anything outside of normal statistical variance is a strong indicator of a leak. Regardless, such variances must always be fully investigated.

They don’t realize that, in the hands of the right individual, statistics ARE proof of wrongdoing precisely the same as how legitimate vote counts ARE proof of an honest election as well which candidate won the lawfully-conducted election.

The problem with the 2020 Elections is that they were NOT lawful, and we have the statistical PROOF that of ALL the following means of Election FRAUD:

  • Ballot stuffing: adding falsified ballots to the ballot stream, thereby invalidating the election
  • Ballot skimming: removing legitimate ballots from the ballot stream, thereby invalidating the election
  • Election machine “errors”: whether intentionally fraudulent or not, these result in inaccurate election counts, thereby invalidating the election
  • Blocking access to election monitors: their job is to deter fraud by monitoring for it; blocking access during the midst of a contentious election is only done by those who’re hiding something i.e. being deceitful i.e. committing election fraud
  • Refusing to comply with or even allow lawfully-mandated election audits: Seriously. One official in Georgia refused to allow the audit REQUIRED by state law. Audits deter fraud through fear of being detected and punished. This knucklehead’s solution to trying to hide his CHEATING: “There will be no audit.” Lol, NO CAN DO, there, Mr. lying, cheating “Official.” The Audit WILL STAND and you WILL be charged with Obstruction of Justice.
  • Rejecting sound, fact-based objections: everyone with integrity, both Democrats as well as Republicans and Independents are examining the facts and calling for investigations, recounts, and as recounts do NOTHING to identify or fix ballot stuffing, re-votes. Only Demoncraps who have no qualms about cheating and others who’re too apathetic to care are acquiescing to a Biden-Harris win. MORE than two-thirds of people from ALL political parties (including 87% of Republicans) revealed in a late-November 2020 poll they do NOT believe Biden-Harris won fair and square, and they DO support routing out all corruption and holding another election, if necessary, at least for those states in question.
  • Gaslighting the facts by DemonCRAP politicians and Mudstream Media, including continuing to claim a win for Biden without either a concession or the contested results announced by Congress on January 6, 2021..
Demoncrap Election Fraud
Cadets at the U.S Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., exit classes under a wall with the Cadet Honor Code: “We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.” (U.S. Air Force photo/1st Lt John Ross)

The evidence for Demoncrap election fraud is both OVERWHELMING and ABUNDANT. Like the LYING, STEALING, CHEATING criminal bastards they are, however, they continue to deny their CRIMINAL WRONGDOING.

The ONLY way America will EVER be rid of CRIMINAL BASTARDS is to HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE, up to and including the point of re-instituting both swift justice and capital punishment so our entire nation can watch these criminals SWING.

Updated: January 13, 2021 — 8:55 pm