Congresswoman Sheila Jackson tells us to “Shut Up!”

Dear Sheila Jackson:  NO.

“Congress shall make no law … ABRIDGING THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH…” – Amendment ONE of our United States Constitution.

I support your right to blabber incessantly and without reason, Ms. Jackson, EXCEPT when you

Sheila Jackson
Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee said conservative bloggers should “shut up” and “stop playing racial politics.”

abuse your own right to infringe upon mine.  At that point, you have overstepped the bounds of your Constitutional rights and the limits on your authority, and you have infringed upon my own inalienable freedoms as recognized and respected by our Constitution.

If this sounds unfamiliar to you, then you are probably unfamiliar with the Constitution, at which point I must ask:  How can you possibly abide by the oath of office you swore to support and defend when you clearly know so little about the document behind it?

Good-DAY, Ms, Jackson.

Author: patriot

It was a distinct honor, as well as my pleasure, to serve my country for more than twenty years. I love my country, but sometimes I'm not too happy with its leaders. I'm working to change that, and I could use your help. Please join me! Thanks. : ) - Patriot

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