The Comcast/Time-Warner Merger is BAD for America

Yes, Netflix caved and wound up paying Comcast not to throttle their throughput. Apparently, fighting the Comcast giant would have cost Netflix far more in terms of lost customers.  Link.

Who here thinks it’s Comcast who should be throttled? Who here thinks the Comcast/Time-Warner merger is a VERY BAD idea? Comcast/Time-Warner mergerWho here believes such a merger will only cast forever rising prices in cement, when by all rights, thanks to constant improvements in networking technology, prices for unlimited Internet data at 100 Mbps should be significantly less than $30 per month?

If you don’t think the Comcast/Time-Warner merger is all about eliminating the competition so as to RAPE the consumer, as monopolies tend to do, you didn’t learn anything from playing Monopoly, did you? Perhaps might change your mind:  Cable companies want to stop the best internet in America from growing

It’s called “unfair business practices,” people and YOU should be all over it, writing your Congressmen, demanding they put the thump on Comcast, Centurylink, Time-Warner, and others, because YOU’RE the one who’s going to pay the seriously over-jacked bill for the rest of your lives if you do nothing!