Collection of Alternative Living Space Videos

The Space-Saver’s Nightmare. Still, full of wonderful ideas on how to double-up or even triple-up on unused space.

Here’s what happens when the lady gets involved in your van life:

The Vanual – An online manual written by a guy who lived in his van for several years.

The Stealth Van. Thirty minutes of about 100 different space and time-saving gizmos that even I could never think of including. He covers the use of 80-20 aluminum framing.

The elegant (and expensive) solution:

The grunge (least expensive) solution:

The 15 TON solution:

The half-cost, kit-built, dream home option:

The Van Conversion How-To Option:

The Wonderfully Homey and Beautiful Wood-Highlights Container House Option (the geodesic greenhouse is only the last three minutes):

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