Date Assigned//Date Due//STATUS//Chore Title and Details//ET

20180602//20180602//INCOMPLETE//Work uniform in washer on Speed Wash.  Use 1/3 to 1/2 the normal level of soap.  No more.  Do it today (Sat) so your uniform can dry overnight.  Do not dry uniform in dryer.

20180524//20180525//INCOMPLETE//Insert speaker wires into black cord minder near large sliding glass door.  Ensure cord minder is flush left.  Ensure speaker wires go to right of A/C unit and a slightly taught//5 min

20180601//20180601//INCOMPLETE//Write weekly work schedule on calendar on fridge//2 min

20180602//20180602//INCOMPLETE//Scrub food off bean pans on stove and place into dishwasher, left bottom side//2 min

20180602//20180602//INCOMPLETE//Clear your own dishes from sink to dishwasher//1 min

20180602//20180602//INCOMPLETE//Place colas from box on table into bin in fridge//2 min


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