Champaign IL Mayor and Council Attempt Grossly Un-Constitutional Tyrannical Rule Citing Coronavirus

Headline: “Illinois mayor signs executive order granting power to ban sale of guns and alcohol while addressing coronavirus.”

Thinking this had to be a joke, I checked it out. Sadly, it’s quite real. Here is the briefest expose’. I will update it later.

In the meantime, I will say this: NO ONE can “Whereas” their way into negating, contradicting, denying, or infringing on our Constitutional rights and freedoms. It takes a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to do that, not a Mayoral proclaimation. The City of Champaign, Illinois is OUT OF ORDER. Their “Declaration of Emergency” stands in VIOLATION of the United States Constitution and is therefore REPUGNANT to the Constitution and NOT TO BE FOLLOWED. By its own words it declares itself to be NULL AND VOID.



At 4:30 pm on the 12th day of March, 2020, Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen signed the flagrantly un-Constitutional Council Bill No. 2020-022, entitled “Declaration of Emergency — City of Champaign,” as witnessed by Kris Stockton and notarized by Michele L. Luecke, Notary Public in the State of Illinois.

In fact, Feds, if you want to go after her for flagrantly violating the Constitutional rights of the U.S. Citizens living in the city of Champaign, Illinois, you’ll find the file here:

J:\LEG\WORD\Legal Department\Emergency\COVID-19 Virus\Declaration Of Emergency – COVID-19.Docx

Under Exhibit A (p. 11) of her orders, both the Mayor and the City Council (COUNCIL BILL NO. 2020-022) encroach upon if not absolutely override a great many Constitutional rights and freedoms held INVIOLATE by higher courts against ANY such encroachment or dissolution REGARDLESS of whatever’s going on.

Our Constitution exists to protect We the People from this severe sort of bullshittery. The people should NEVER to allow such gross actions so flagrantly repugnant to the Constitution to exist for a single second after proclamation before they’re summarily overruled by mass REJECTION of all oath-keepers i.e. all sworn civil, military, and law enforcement officers.
Rejecting absolute anti-Constitutional crap like this is precisely WHY we all swore oaths of office. WE are the final check and balance against such unabashed tyranny.

On a broader field of play, We the People are ALL responsible for telling such tyrannical mayors, town councils, governors, legislators, and even members of Congress and the President to SHOVE IT if they should EVER attempt to undermine our Constitution, ESPECIALLY by using a serious but comparatively mild outbreak like the Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19 from SARS-CoV-2) as an excuse to attempt such a complete and utterly tyrannical anti-Constitutional rule.

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