The Crusades and Islam – The Original War On Terrorism

After attempting to live peaceably alongside Muslims for a full 500 years, the people throughout Europe embarked on the Crusades crusadesto kick them out. The Crusades arose not because of Islam itself, but because of the grossly unacceptable behavior of its followers. Their behavior increasingly violated life, limb, and property, not to mention the basic human rights of the indigenous peoples of Europe and other lands.  Everyone should be free to practice their religion, but never beyond the point where such practice violates the rights of others.
The Crusades really were campaigns against terrorism.
The problem with the Qu’ran, Hadith, and other sources of the Islam faith is that it has ZERO respect for the rights of others. crusadesIslam strongly encourages the taxation (jizya), rape, torture, dismemberment and death of non-believers, especially when such murders are carried out by beheading the victims while they’re alive and very much aware of what’s happening.
Thus, in a roundabout way, the Crusades weren’t directly opposed to Islam itself, but to the gross and unacceptable horrors caused crusadesby those who practice Islam.  Muslims started taxing, raping, torturing, dismembering, and murdering non-believers and they just would not stop.  The problem with Islam is that deep down it really is that horrific.
The Crusades were extremely well-justified.
As C.S. Lewis once said, “It seems to me, therefore, than when the worst comes to the worst, if you cannot restrain a man by any method except by trying to kill him, then a Christian must do that” (C.S. Lewis, The Grand Miracle, Chapter 3, “Answers to Questions on Christianity, pp. 23-24).
Dozens of countries who remember the lessons of history have branded Islam for what it is: A culturally-based mental illness. It’s a systematic yet destructive way of thinking which brings death and destruction not only to those who oppose it, but between different factions of Islam, as well.
Wherever Islam is allowed to exist unchecked, humanity is NOT SAFE.