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The current global warming aka climate change is more properly known as an Interglacial Period. It’s the fifth such interglacial period over the last 420,000 years, and in another 60 to 120 thousand years, we’ll have another. Mankind didn’t cause the last four interglacial periods, which were nearly identical in terms of rises in temperature, […]

The Perennial Password Maker

Here’s how this works: The superset below consists of 32,767 characters. All characters in the superset are completely random. Even so, never copy two or more consecutive characters! Instead… Scroll down to a random spot. Copy a character here, then a character there, scroll around, and repeat. Be random. When you’ve collected enough characters for […]

Covid-19 Vaccination Stats – May 21, 2021

Ignorant Idiot: “It’s scary when supposed people of science are so quick to throw caution to the wind and force medicine based on relatively new technology on people who don’t want it and likely don’t need it when we don’t even have a year’s worth of results to see if it’s remotely safe.” Reality: As […]

Why 50 Characters?

We’re talking password lengths, here, so let’s dive in: Why 50 characters? Because 50 is the lowest all-caps alphanumeric character count that exceeds the keyspace for 256-bit encryption. Remember, the term “characters” includes both numbers and letters (uppercase and lowercase), as well as extended characters and even characters which can be computed and used as […]

The REAL 2A Issue SCOTUS Must Address

I believe the most important 2A issue the Supreme Court should address is this:  The Second Amendment’s absolute imperative nature. If SCOTUS can get that right, all other issues mentioned in the OP will take a big, fat, massive back seat. In the military, we had… I’ll just post a screen shot from TO 00-05-1, […]

Hypocricy, Hypocrisy Everwhere and Ne’er a Reality Think

If you’re looking for proof that Demoncraps are CRIMINALS, here it is: Seriously — Upstanding citizens NEVER shy away from, much less vehemently oppose honest elections, open discussion and people’s ability to defend themselves against criminals both local and tyrannical.Why, just last week I was booted from a group that claimed to be conservative. Why? […]