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Latest COVID-19 Stats and Commentary

Over the course of the last eleven months, I’ve found a lot of COVID-19 stats out there, but none which provides as much insight and actionable information as the following single spreadsheet. We’ll get right to it, followed by amplifying commentary. To view this full screen in a separate window, click here. The key question […]

2020 Election Fraud Revisited – WITH EVIDENCE

Todd Starnes asked what his readers thought about the election. Specifically: OPINION: Franklin Graham says he tends to agree with President Trump – that the election was either stolen or rigged. What say you, America? Starnes, T. (December 21, 2020). Franklin Graham: I tend to believe election was rigged or stolen. Retrieved from: My […]

Didn’t learn a damned thing, did you?

I recently watched a very insightful video highlighting the impact of novelty: No disrespect to Marvin, but he illustrates an outstanding point. He’s obviously quite bright, but his astonished reaction to a marching band is the direct result of a lack of exposure to seeing marching bands do this. We take such performances for granted. […]

Election Fraud and Demoncrap Denial

election fraud

You’d think election fraud wouldn’t be a topic the people of the United States of America would take lightly, yet I’m perpetually amazed by the attempts of the left to cut short the due process of law. Just this morning I witnessed someone praising their Congressional Representative “for speaking the truth and standing up for […]

Air Those Grievances!!!

If this doesn’t chill you to your very bones, you are NOT American. If you don’t rise up and write your members of Congress right now and DEMAND they support every iota of the Constitution for the United States of America, AS IT IS EXPRESSLY WRITTEN, you are NOT American. BE an American. It’s a […]

TX Sues Swing States – Others Follow

Couple of MAJOR headlines well worth watching and which mudstream media will likely never cover, at least not objectively: Texas Files 2020 Election Lawsuit Against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin Directly To Supreme Court Summary: “Right before midnight on Monday, the State of Texas filed a lawsuit concerning the 2020 Presidential Election” “Texas filed a […]

Islamic Observations

I wrote this in response to a gentleman who went off on an anti-Trump rant in 2017 while citing the New York Times: Having served our proud and good country for 20+ years on active duty as an officer in the United States Air Force in the 1990s and 2000s, as well as ever since […]