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How much RAM is Enough for Windows 10?

Introduction If your Windows computer is operating at or near your it’s memory capacity, your computer can slow down considerably. If your current RAM is small than what’s required, then upgrading the quantity of RAM is an easy way of dramatically improving your computer’s performance. If you have plenty of RAM, however, adding more won’t […]

Gotta Love Thomas Sowell!

Beautiful. Absolutely stellar! I especially like how he tore Biden to shreds some thirty to forty years ago, but his response to AOC covers a multitude of Demoncrap sins: We’re raising whole generations who regard facts as more or less optional, and they’re being taught that it’s important to have views, and they’re not being […]

Perhaps you SHOULD be Ashamed!

Article: Shaming of the unvaccinated intensifies, some say, as push to inoculate grows Excerpt: “If it was so effective, why do the people that already have the vaccine still fear someone who does not choose to get it.” First, it is indeed effective. Just not 100% effective. While 95% effective is quite good, some people […]