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Retired Australian Police Officer on Gun Control

A retired Australian police officer responds to some of the more blitheringly idiotic comments posted by people from from all over the world, including Australia, the U.S., and many others. I would suggest that you take up studying human history and how governments have always restricted its subjects via illegal laws to suit its own […]

Floyd: OD or Murder?

Just watch this video. Comment 1: The full video negates much of the false narrative provided over the last year by mainstream media. Comment 2: I find the actions of the police to be exceptionally accommodating towards Floyd. He wasn’t pulled from the police cruiser. He requested it. He was complaining that he couldn’t breath […]

A Nation Divided Cannot Stand

Want to know who really causes division? Jesus Christ. He said so: “51Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. 52From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. 53They will be divided, father against […]

2021 Review of the 2020 Elections

A liberal recently challenged me: “You claim to have evidence, but did you witness the fraud with your own eyes?” My response: Does your doctor see your heart beating? Does he witness the color of your blood? Or does he observe the machine measuring your BP, pulse and O2 levels? Do you know you’re not […]

Colorado Judge Rules Against Boulder

Article. Excellent. When are people — including mainstream media — going to wake up and realize the United States of America is a nation of law? The left claims they’re “woke” yet they remain ignorant of basic law and order. They’re fast asleep!Law and order begins with the Constitution for the United States of America, […]

My Covid-19 Vaccinations – Honest Report

As I begin this narrative it’s the evening of my first Covid-19 shot. As you know, I’m a staunch conservative, but above all else, I’m a scientist. In fact, being a stickler for the facts is why I’m such a staunch conservative. Facts are why masks actually work, and they’re also what’s behind the recent […]