23 Republicans decide taxpayers should fund ‘sex-change operations’ for gender-confused soldiers

Same letter for your members of Congress: I just read that “23 Republicans decide taxpayers should fund ‘sex-change operations’ for gender-confused soldiers” (https://tinyurl.com/y68ced9r) In years passed, those suffering from gender dysphoria were simply rejected during inprocessing under 4F. Technically, 4F is a rejection, not a discharge. It stops people from getting in before they accrue […]

Democrats are Death Eaters

Today’s headlines read, “Democrats have become the party of abortion and euthanasia.” You know what Demoncraps are? They’re DEATH EATERS! In a bizarre twist of life imitating the silver screen, Demoncraps have, quite literally, become the party of DEATH EATERS: “Death Eaters are characters featured in the Harry Potter series of novels and films. They […]

Hormuz Attacks, Iran, Sanders, and Mudstream Media

While Bernie and the mudstream media are whining left and right, forensic investigators have undoubtedly determined from bullet round fragments and residue from both the tracers as well as the limpet mine explosions, aerial, satellite, and sonar records, and communications intelligence that Iran is the culprit. Furthermore, the Straight of Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman […]

Tesla’s Solar Roof – A Cost Analysis

I’m sure blitheringly idiotic legislators in California are salivating over Elon Musk’s home solar . OK, so this sounds more like blog than a cost analysis. Then again, I’m a cost analyst, so perhaps it is a cost analysis, and perhaps a bunch of rich fat cats in the land of fruits and nuts are […]

Anthropogenic Global Warming / Climate Change – Myth vs Reality

The reason 53% of all Californians, including nearly two-thirds of Millennials, are chomping at the bit to LEAVE California is due to the insatiable tax-hungry appetites of the liberal Democrats in California’s state legislature and rubber-stamp governors who signed into law the many modes of California’s failure and demise, namely, a ton of ear-tickling but […]