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LEGALLY Keeping America FREE: Information Security

OUTSTANDING!!! Amendment IV to the Constitution for the United States of America make it abundantly clear: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.” In today’s time, regardless of whether my telephone conversation, snail mail, email, private message is […]

Milankovitch Cycles Drive Climate Change

Just came across this little gem from the Global Warming aka Climate Change Alarmists: Comparing the last 100 years to Earth’s climate is numerically equivalent to figuring out what an elephant looks like based on an eyelash lacking any DNA whatsoever. More specifically, as Earth is nearing the peak of its FIFTH Interglacial Warming Period […]

2020 Presidential Elections – One Year Later

Yes, people, the election was indeed rigged, a fact checked by many competent statisticians which identified unmistakable signs of ballot-stuffing in at least seven key states. For example, after fifteen straight hours of Trump leading Biden by between 5% and 8% hour after hour, with 80% of votes counted, all of a sudden, between one […]

The Incredible Stupidity of Political Bias

Bias takes all forms. I’ve been studying bias my entire adult life, long before I first encountered its mention in Psych 1001 during my freshman year of college. It explained a lot, not only about racism, which I detest and abhor, but also about why people so often make such incredibly stupid decisions. It’s usually […]

Covid-19 Updates and Vaccine Mandates

Preface I have been working with numbers — extensively — over the course of forty years, not merely studying aerospace engineering and business in college and graduate school, but also throughout jobs in retail, engineering, accountancy, data and systems analysis, navigation and geospatial analysis (Note 1), statistical analysis and data science. Although I’m not a […]