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The REAL 2A Issue SCOTUS Must Address

I believe the most important 2A issue the Supreme Court should address is this:  The Second Amendment’s absolute imperative nature. If SCOTUS can get that right, all other issues mentioned in the OP will take a big, fat, massive back seat. In the military, we had… I’ll just post a screen shot from TO 00-05-1, […]

Hypocricy, Hypocrisy Everwhere and Ne’er a Reality Think

If you’re looking for proof that Demoncraps are CRIMINALS, here it is: Seriously — Upstanding citizens NEVER shy away from, much less vehemently oppose honest elections, open discussion and people’s ability to defend themselves against criminals both local and tyrannical.Why, just last week I was booted from a group that claimed to be conservative. Why? […]

The Left’s Silencing of the Lambs

Do you remember the NY Teacher who popped up in the news because he refused to cow-tow to his school’s insane indoctrination of its students: In his essay, Rossi says his school: “Like so many others, induces students via shame and sophistry to identify primarily with their race before their individual identities are fully formed.” […]

How much RAM is Enough for Windows 10?

Introduction If your Windows computer is operating at or near your it’s memory capacity, your computer can slow down considerably. If your current RAM is small than what’s required, then upgrading the quantity of RAM is an easy way of dramatically improving your computer’s performance. If you have plenty of RAM, however, adding more won’t […]