Prayer Without Action is DEAD

The article is straightforward: If Christians don’t personally engage in politics, it’s all over for America. I think most Christians have a VERY BAD HABIT of praying to God that God would do all the doing. NOT HOW IT WORKS, PEOPLE. God gives YOU the strength. He gives YOU the wisdom. He gives YOU the […]

Now THAT’S Some GREAT Coffee!

Let’s face it: Americans ruin coffee in ways other than overgrinding, including burning the beans during the roast to hide their inferior flavor. Seriously, burned beans are not roasted. They’re burned. Don’t burn your beans – roast them! Have you ever roasted peanuts and eaten them charred to a black crisp? No? Then why are […]

VCDL Lobby Day – Richmond

Virginia Citizens Defense League posts a complete description of the event, what, where, when, how, etc. If you care about your gun rights in the slightest then it is vital that you show up at this rally! Some very wise words of caution from Senator Amanda Chase. Please read and heed, and no need to […]

You are NOT AUTHORIZED, Governor Northam

Governor Northam continues his unfathomably STUPID attempts to up the ante, threatening “severe consequences” for anyone who DARE exercise their God-given, Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. His latest political hack, er, “stunt” was to declare a state of emergency. If you would, please, Governor Northam, BEND AN EAR: Good. Let us continue. Trust […]

State Governors DO NOT have authority over Federal Immigration Laws

40 governors, including at least 18 Republicans, consent to resettle MORE refugees; Mayors COMPLICIT! It’s true: Here’s an idea: STOP electing DOMESTIC ENEMIES OF THE STATE. Seriously, people, you DO have the power and the authority to HALT this decline. Just VOTE. In fact, if everyone who reveres the Constitution had voted in 2008, Obama […]

Then and Now

I’m done hunting for the dayAll my groceries put awayKneading dough until I’m tiredI scarf a biscuit, I’m so wired Some thirty gallons of water from the wellsThe tap’s so expensive but still smellsRoasting beast over the fireBut I turn the oven up a bit higher Between the bearskins I fall to sleepAs the sheets […]