U.S. Military vs. RETIRED Military Service Members

I was absolutely flabberghasted to hear of efforts by some within the military “to subject to military trial those who have retired from active duty—in some cases, long ago—even for offenses committed while they are retired.” (Vladeck, S. (Feb 12, 2019). The Supreme Court and military jurisdiction over retired servicemembers. Lawfare. Retrieved from https://www.lawfareblog.com/supreme-court-and-military-jurisdiction-over-retired-servicemembers) Apparently, the U.S. […]

Vintage USAF Recruiting Spot for Navigator Cadet Program

This is an actual USAF recruiting spot for radio on a 45 RPM record. It describes the Cadet Program to train Navigators, and a song of the day. BOTH sides of a 45 RPM Record are heard, with pictures of the day, intermixed those of 70s, and 80s. This honors the Navigators who made it […]

How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Message Forum

The following is a guide written for admins and mods of message forums. Yes, it’s necessary. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t have taken the time to write it. Overmoderation Most newbie moderators — along with far too many old-heads — fail to understand the nature of message forums is NOT to “get to the point,” […]

Game Theory, Voting, Reason, and Behavior

A friend of mine recently said, “” There are better election systems than our single-vote system, which inevitably results in a two-party system. Ranked choice, however, isn’t one of them as it’s too easily gamed and when people game it, it backfires. For example, let’s say five candidates are running, but only A and B, […]

Trump, Hurricanes, and Blithering Idiots

Today’s post comes by way of this blitheringly idiotic video: No, President Trump wasn’t the one being an idiot. He was thinking, brainstorming, throwing out ideas on how to solve a serious problem. It’s what good leaders do when they want the experts to start thinking about serious threats. Good leaders identify risks, prioritize them […]