How to Make Soap

Sure. I’ve made soap, the old-fashioned way: Boil three quarts (ok, make it a gallon) of ashes from a hardwood fire in two gallons of rain water for half an hour. Remove from heat. The ashes will settle. Skim the liquid lye* off the top. Set aside. Render beef fat into a half cup of […]

Survival 101: When Are MRE’s NOT Safe to Eat?

Some people like MREs, and some people hate them.  If you’re like most people, however, you find them a palatable and portable way of carrying your food supply with you while camping, fishing, hunting, or, if you’re in the military, while either out on maneuvers or deployed. Each MRE provides an average of 1,250 calories […]

Survival 101: The Five C’s

Whenever you step foot into the wilderness, whether it’s for a twenty-minute day hike, a multi-day and night hunt, or a stroll through a touristy area, remember The Five C’s: Container – $9, 154 g Cordage – 50′ @ $0.11/ft = $5.50, 101 g Combustion – $1.25, 15 g Cutting – $22, 72 g Cover […]