NFAC already in violation of Federal Law

In response to “Black Militia Threatens to Burn Down Louisville if Officers Who Killed Breonna Taylor Aren’t Arrested,” it appears their mere existence already has them on the hook for a 5-year stint in the federal penitentiary. In accordance with 18 U.S. Code §?2386.Registration of certain organizations, the “Not F-cking Around Coalition,” (NFAC) an armed Black […]

Second Amendment Definitions: Well Regulated – Militia – Arms – Shall

Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court have continually tripped over the meaning of these four simple words: well regulated militia arms shall Their ineptitude astounds me.  The only plausible explanation is that instead of examining what the words actually mean, and supporting and defending them as required by their oaths of office and the […]

The Armed Militia is Every Citizen – “Everyone who is able”

This is but one of many examples of how libtards attempt to rewrite history.  As I’m normally a student of history, and not an expert, I normally don’t address it.  I am, however, a subject matter expert in this particular area, so I stepped up to the plate to address this with the author.  The editorial in […]

1982 Congressional Report on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The best, most thorough, in-depth, and accurate treatise on both letter and intent of the Second Amendment was the February 1982 Congressional Report on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (97th Congress, 2d Session, U.S. Gov Printing Office document 88-618 O). This document is a clear and unadulterated reflection of the wisdom of our […]