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The Vast Over-Simplification by Demoncraps


Here’s yet another brain-dead problem of over-simplification exhibited by Demoncraps: “Left good. Right bad.” They cannot fathom anything complex, which is why, to them, everything is either “us” vs “them” and they collect everything that’s “them” under the category “right-wing,” whether right, alt-right, or extreme. Just look at Wikipedia. Nearly ever article of any political […]

Portland, Communism, and blitheringly idiotic/ignorant Gen Z-ers

Let’s coin a term for the Portlandian Communists: Communisticus Inscius Insaniam It’s what happens when parents are too STUPID to spend time with their kids and leave them at home on the Internet, instead. Source: Is Gen Z a Socialist Revolution in the Making? It’s also what happens when teachers who were STUPID enough to […]

Second Amendment Definitions: Well Regulated – Militia – Arms – Shall

Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court have continually tripped over the meaning of these four simple words: well regulated militia arms shall Their ineptitude astounds me.¬† The only plausible explanation is that instead of examining what the words actually mean, and supporting and defending them as required by their oaths of office and the […]

The Supreme Court is NOT the Final Arbiter

A friend recently stated “SCOTUS is the final arbitrator [sic] of whether it is correct or not. The checks and balances ends there.” He was wrong. ¬†Here’s my reply: You’re usually right on target, so I’m really surprised you missed this one by a mile. So, if you would, please tell me again what what […]