Ebola: Accident, or engineered?

The recent outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. looks like a perfect and possibly engineered segway to martial law, making horrible use of all those FEMA camps and their mass-body containers, excuse Ebolaafter excuse for Obama to enact many of his blatantly anti-Constitutional “executive orders” taking complete control over all utilities, water, food, and transportation, and even delay the 2016 elections.


In fact, it makes me wonder whether vaccinations for Obama and other elitists who’ve obviously sided with him haven’t already taken place.

Could this be engineered genocide?  Was it engineered by Islam to wipe out most of the 150 Million gun owners and even the unarmed Christians in America who stand in their way?

In the meantime, here’s my Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Ebola, instead:

1. It’s a virus, so forget about alcohol-based wipes and hand sanitizers. You need chlorine, as in bleach. Clorox wipes work, too, as they contain n-alkyl-dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride.

2. Clean your hands BEFORE entering your vehicle or home, not afterwards.

3. Don’t forget your shoes! If someone coughed in Walmart, the virus can be present in spots of phlegm on the floor. Walk on it, now it’s on your shoes. Step into your car, track it into your home… Or, wear slick-bottom shoes and use those wipes on your shoes before stepping into your car.

4. Don’t forget the bottoms of your shopping bags, sliding all over the counters… Buy and use a rubberized or vinyl mat or bin for your bags. Wipe it down often with a rag soaked in soapy, bleachy water, particularly before your kids get in the car, or better yet, right after removing your bags.

5. Don’t remove the bags to your kitchen. Remove the groceries to your kitchen. Remove the bags to your garbage can, and not the one in your house.

6. Wipe down all outer and inner door handles to your home and car on a regular basis.

7. Getting back to bleach… Keep a bucket full of water next to each entrance, with a couple drops of Dawn and a quarter cup of bleach per gallon. Everyone entering your home should rinse their hands in the water. They can rinse the soapy bleach solution after they enter your home.

8. As a virus, it can be transmitted any time any bodily fluids, including sneeze droplets, are transmitted.

9. Simple paint masks are somewhat effective in catching sneeze droplets. Surgical masks are more effective. If you’ve ever visited S. Korea, China, or Japan, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say many citizens walk around all winter, sometimes in the summer, wearing masks.

10. Watch your eyes. Those airborne sneeze droplets can enter your system by making contact with your eyes. If you love wearing contacts, consider going back to glasses. They offer at least marginal protection against sprayed droplets.

Recycle? Sure, I recycle…

Recycle? Sure, I recycle. In LANDFILLS. That way, 500 million years from now, when whatever massive ocean follows Iapetus, surrounding whatever massive supercontinent follows Pangaea, finally pops up, 100% of mankind’s garbage will have been subjected to somewhere between 1300 °F to 2400 °F in molten magma, and will thus have been restored to it’s constituent elements. Rust will have been returned to iron. Plastics will have been broken down from organic polymers of high molecular mass into their constituent hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and other elements, as well as a few simple and naturally occurring chemical compounds.

Where the heck did you THINK we found all those chemicals in the first place? A grocery store?

Actually, you wouldn’t be far off. Most of them are petrochemicals — chemicals derived from petroleum, which itself is the byproduct of animal and vegetable matter, usually zooplankton and algae, are buried underneath sedimentary rock and subjected to intense heat and pressure.

We mine it then process it. Check the graphic for the basic process chart.


Here’s the problem: We’re using up oil at a rate of approximately 1,250,000 times faster than the Earth creates it.

We have GOT to knock this crap off and perfect a broad array of alternative energy sources. We can NOT survive if we hit the transportation wall. This occurs when we run out of energy to fuel our transportation fleet of combines, which plant, tend, harvest, process, and deliver our FOOD.

Is this sinking in, yet? If we stop using fossil fuels within the next 20 to 40 years, WE DON’T EAT.

Stop confusing the difference between “reserves” and “recoverable reserves.” Reserves are what’s in the ground. Recoverable reserves are what we can pull out of the ground in a timely and cost-effective manner using known and estimated future developments in engineering. The latter is but a small fraction of the former, and at the rate we’re using them, we’ll be lucky to be alive past 2050.

Here’s an option: Build many more nuclear fusion power plants to tide us over until we perfect nuclear fusion. France is 100% nuclear and having zero problems. Why can’t we? In the meantime, we need to perfect solar to help ease the transition to full nuclear fission, which is required to ease the transition to full nuclear fusion.

At that point, once we’re capable of generating nuclear fusion in viable quantities, we’re good to go for 5 Billion years.

That ought to last us through another 10 supercontinent cycles. We’ve already gone through 7 of them, so it’s not like this is some pie in the sky theory…

U.S. Gun Confiscation Approaching Fast

Article:  California Inching Closer to Gun Confiscation Bill.

This isn’t gun control.  It’s gun confiscation.  It’s Feinstein’s revenge, following Congress’ rejection of the pet gun control bills she’s been working on for more than twenty years.  Feinstein is violating her oath of office, back-dooring this through her comrades in Sacramento, hoping that if California leaps over the point of no return, that other states will follow.

Feinstein is apparently unaware that many states have already passed legislation which strengthens gun rights.  Her legislation is likely to do little more than dramatically increase crime while creating yet another point of contention towards some future civil war.

The Face of Widespread Human Extermination Under Socialism

human extermination
Yes we can!

State-sponsored socialism has many names.  Regardless of whether you call it Naziism, fascism, Leninism, Marxism, communism, Islamism, or Obamaism, they all have a huge downside:  Human extermination i.e Genocide.  It follows a three-step pattern:

1.  Registration – identifies those who will soon be disarmed.

2.  Disarm the people so they can’t resist the armed police state.

3.  Exterminate all who are either a burden to or a resistor of the police state.

By the way, extermination isn’t limited to only those who owned firearms.  In fact, extermination has

human extermination

historically been visited primarily on the poor, as they’re the greatest burden on the state.  All those promises of “we’ll take care of you!” during the elections only last long enough for socialists to secure their stronghold in the government.  That’s when the masses start dying.

Extermination is then extended to the III% who would refuse to knuckle under and who stand against the massacre no matter what.  In the 20th Century alone, socialism exterminated 135 million humans, according to the U.S. Congressional Record.  The vast majority of those were NOT dissidents, but merely the poor, who could not exist without handouts from the state.  Most were relocated away from their farming tools, where they simply starved.

human extermination
Buchenwald Slave Laborers