A Call For Fathers

A lot of people believe raising kids without their fathers no big deal.

Some people believe sons need their fathers, but daughters don’t.

Here’s reality:

1. Both sons and daughters do far, far better in an environment where both parents are reasonably present and available. fathersHowever, boys and girls react differently to the absence of their fathers.

2. Less than 3% of men in prison said they had a good relationship with their father growing up. Compare this to more than 40% for the general population. Thus, boys who don’t have a good relationship with their father while growing up are more than 13 times more likely to wind up in prison.

3. When you plot incarceration rates per capita in the U.S. over time, it very closely matches plots of divorce rates and rates of children born out of wedlock.

4. At 716 inmates per 100,000, the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, more than 48% higher than the fathersrunners-up: Rwanda and Russia. Despite this, our crime rate remains average among industrialized nations. Clearly, “locking ’em up” isn’t solving the problem. Letting them out, however, wouldn’t solve the problem, either.

5. While boys with absentee fathers tend to feed the criminal population, girls with absentee fathers tend to produce more boys and girls with absentee fathers, thereby perpetuating the cycle.

The only long-term solution is simple, but effective:

1. Stop having sex out of wedlock. Naturally, having the love and stern guidance of a good father around helps a great deal. A good fathersfather helps keep their sons on the straight and narrow, and provides a great role model as well as incentive for their daughters to wait for the right man.

That’s it. People might think merely encouraging contraception will work. These myopic people forget we’ve been doing that for 50 years — half a century — while failing to realize the problem is worse than ever.