Bye-Bye Obama, Hello Freedom! If only…

“The Alabama Supreme Court May Collapse Obama’s House Of Cards,” or so reads one headline, celebrating the possibility of finding a judge to hear Obama’s eligibility case.  But what would that mean for America?  What changes might we expect?
Well, for one, Obama would no longer be in the White House.  However, there are many more ramifications which few people have considered.  I’ll highlight a few here, just to whet your appetite:

1) Obama and family removed from the White House, possibly to face federal charges for knowingly defrauding the American People. That includes Michelle, for her lavish vacations. Bye-bye Obamas!

2) Obamacare would become instantly null and void, as Obama had no business being a part of its creation. Bye-bye massive government fraud against the people!

3) Biden would NOT become President, as he ran on Obama’s ticket. It’s not like Obama resigned. It’s that he wasn’t eligible to run in the first place, and you can’t have a VP in office on an illegal ticket. Biden would face similar charges of defrauding the American People. Bye-bye Biden!

4) Each and every Executive Order Obama signed, whether he created them or not, would become null and void. Bye-bye martial law, socialism, and his dictatorship!

5) Each and every piece of legislation he signed into law would become null and void. Bye-bye NDAA! At least for now.

6) Each and every one of his appointees, including two in the Supreme Court, and the ENTIRE cabinet, would become null and void, as he wasn’t authorized to appoint them. Bye-bye Kerry!

7) Every treaty or resolution he ever made with another country would be rendered null and void. Bye-bye U.N. Gun Ban!

And then?