Burial of Modern Windmill Blades

Some are decrying this with a vengeance:

Truth be told, I hate windmills, but this is a false narrative, a straw man.

It’s a normal and expected byproduct of windmills, much as tires are for motor vehicles. It was expected, planned for, and the disposal process is now in progress.

It’s a total non-argument, a waste of everyone’s time. No, you cannot recycle fiberglass cheaper than making it anew. No, chopping these up in a shredder would not help the process. In fact, it would make it far worse.
The best we can hope is that the place where these are being buried are stable, far away from any water tables, and free from any likelihood of being dug up in the future.

OR… We can figure out the cheapest way of reducing the composite material via either chemicals and heat and the glass via heat into more component compounds.

If that were economically feasible, however, it would be a world in progress.

It’s not, hence the landfill.

May this story rest in peace.

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