Bill Gates and Climate Non-Sense

Bill Gates demands “greater investment in innovation to support the needs of everyone.” Sounds like global socialism to me. When it comes to climate change, like most rich people, he believes if you just throw enough money at it, something’s bound to stick.

No, Bill. Blow it out your ears. For one, the “experts” still haven’t accepted the two facts that water vapor is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, nor that water vapor concentration levels have been steadily rising since the 1950s.

Uh… DUH.

For a rich man, Bill Gates is either pathetically stupid or pathetically gullible. Either that or he’s pathetically socialist and trying to force everyone into socialism by lying out his wazoo.

Not only is his approach to “combating climate change” based on the false premises that A) Climate change will be what the experts predict it will be, and B) Mankind is able to create a countering effect, but in essence, its more related to healthcare than climate change.

Before I continue, let me clear something up: I am by no means any sort of “climate change denier.” I have access to the raw ice core samples showing cyclical climate change over the last 420,000 years, including five relatively short inter-glacial periods and five relatively long glaciations. The data also shows a number of semi-interglacials, periods where temperatures warmed significantly from snowball Earth but never reached the typical peaks as observed in intervals ranging from 60k to 120k years.

As for A, the latest brew-ha-ha is that their models are all “running hot” and they don’t know why. They DO know they’re running hot, though, predicting significantly higher temperatures than we’re seeing.

As for B, Obama’s EPA chair revealed under sworn testimony before Congress that investing $100 Trillion with all our combined efforts from now through the year 2100 will attenuate temperature rise by a maximum of just 0.03%. That’s a “whopping” 0.0015 degrees. That absolutely cannot be felt by humans and is far below the noise floor of worldwide temperature measurements.

Furthermore, water vapor is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, by more than 50 times, and observations since the 1950s have shown that it’s steadily increasing. The IPCC reports, however, along with the “running hot models,” dismiss any increase. They’ve put all their eggs into the CO2 basket, which is rather strange as the ice core samples clearly show CO2 rises follow increases in temperate. They don’t lead them.

Thus, Bill and Melinda Gates, the ONLY thing your efforts are doing is shifting money from the hands of those who have it to the hands of those who don’t.

That’s NOT “combating climate change.” That’s SOCIALISM. If you believe otherwise, you’ve been tricked, hoodwinked into believing the socialism B.S.

Now, if YOU want to use YOUR money to provide healthcare for citizens of other countries, that’s entirely YOUR decision.

But don’t you DARE lobby OUR Congress to use more of OUR hard-earned money to pay for YOUR ignorant pipe-dream.