Banned From Facebook

I’ve been on Facebook without a ban for more than a decade. Three warning in eleven years. Four, tops.

Although I constantly discuss controversial topics, I always do so in a way that’s tough, but fair. I’m not at all happy with either $90.5 billion annual drain undocumented aliens are exerting against the States or people from other cultures who refuse to become American (their choice), and I’m not afraid to air that opinion. But I also air the solution: Follow the law. I detest those who come here before attempting to force us to swallow their culture. No thank you. I was born here. I like my own culture just fine. If you don’t, you’re in the wrong country.

But tonight I received the dreaded, “You can’t post or comment for 24 hours” message, along with the obviously false, “you previously posted something that didn’t follow our Community Standards.” They even had the good sense to say, “This comment goes against our standards on hate speech, so no one else can read it.”

The comment they quoted was in response to this quote from a referenced LinkedIn article entitled, “Why Di the U.S. Government Purchase 30,000 Guillotines?” Please bear in mind I certainly didn’t write it. Tonight was the first time I’d seen it:

” ‘If we as a society are willing to take away human life, we should be willing to watch it.’ “

I responded with the following: “Fine by me. Use it on Muslims stupid enough to behead Americans, if we don’t just shoot them first.”

THAT, Facebook, is called a “facetious comment.” Specifically, it was in jest, and in a very wry form of jest, at that, reflective of precisely the same Islamic mentality that has resulted in more than 240 million (230,000,000) HATE-filled murders of everyone from every other culture on Earth.

If the knee-jerk Facebook moderator had any training or experience in the English language, they would have KNOWN that instead of knee-jerk reacting out of ignorance. In fact, I strongly suspect the moderator was either Muslim or a Muslim-sympathizer, despite the fact that Muslims have for 1,400+ years beheaded people all over the world, both in their originating country, now called Saudi Arabia, as well as in pretty much if not in fact all other countries, whether they’re predominantly Islam or not.

That list includes here in the United States of America, and we Americans DO NOT tolerate such unbridled HATE, regardless of whether it comes in the form of Islamic beheadings or Facebook bans.

Beheadings are a CRIME, Facebook, a HEINOUS crime, and they are not EVER to be tolerated. Expressing that is NOT at all the “hate speech” mentioned in your Community Standards. It’s the LAW. The very fact that I’ve linked to both strongly indicate I’ve both read them and fully understand them.

Apparently, however, the knee-jerk Facebook moderator who took the snippet out of the context in which is was written and slammed me into temporary exile does not understand. Apparently, glancing at snippets and taking them out of context meets Facebook’s banning standards.

The referenced article discussed why many guillotines were bought roughly 25 years ago (1994 and 1995) and remain stored in Georgia and Montana.

Consider the ENTIRETY of the post, which was, in fact, in the middle of my own revision when I was given the 24 hour posting ban:

Then there’s the matter of the individual who posted the LinkedIn article in the first place. From what I recall, she’s been repeatedly banned. I suspect the person who made the FALSE report simply hangs out on her page and others, suckering others into her crap by posting contentious things, then reports them.

The real crap is I went back and attempted to unfriend her. Nope. That function is blocked, as well. So I blocked her. Nope. I can’t do that either.

Facebook doesn’t merely prevent people from posting when they’re temp-banned. They prevent them from unfriending and blocking, as well, even when they’re trying to unfriend and block either the TROLL that suckered them in the first place, or one of their gnats that’s doing the dirty work.

I will find out who’s behind it, and when I do, I’ll post those details here, on MY domain, where it will forever remain a testament to the stupidity and hurtfulness of evil people.

Sanitized, of course. I’m not evil.

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