Share, if you would fight to defend freedom!

This entry came up as a result of a challenge posted elsewhere: “Share, if you would fight to defend freedom.”

Would I fight to defend freedom?  Sure, but I would remain within the law to the maximum extent possible.

In 1989, I took the following oath of office as part of my commissioning ceremony towards becoming a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force:  “I, Steven L. Janss, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

I am now an honorably-retired veteran.  My oath of office, never expires, and I firmly believe, based on his own actions and words, that Obama not eligible to be President, that he is a strong supporter of Islam, that he has illegally funneled billions of our hard-earned tax dollars in support of Islam, that he has aggressively attacked key provisions of civil rights and freedoms in our Constitution, and that as such, he is one of the “domestic enemies” mentioned in my oath of office.  I believe most, if not all of the “czars” populating his cabinet and acting as advisers are also domestic enemies, as are many members of Congress, most notably Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Diane Feinstein.

The question is, what do we do about it?  Well, I’m doing it!  I sincerely hope you’ll join me!

1.  I’m exercising my freedom of speech as protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  If you’re on FB, Twitter, or run your own blog, you’re exercising that, as well.

2.  I’m petition the Government for a redress of grievances as protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  If you’re not writing your Congressmen, you’re not doing your part — they need to hear from you!  So please, write them.  Let them hear from you!

3.  I carry my firearm everywhere I go, as protected under both the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as well as our State Constitution and those of 48 states in our Union.  I often open carry, as protected under our State Constitution, as well as those of 43 other States in our Union.  I am thoroughly familiar with the laws of my state with respect it’s carry and use.

4.  I will not go on the attack, except via public speaking, e-mail, and letters, or as ordered by Constitutionally lawful authority (i.e if I were recalled into military service, deputized by the local sheriff, etc.).  Subject to that, I will adhere to my oath of office and defend my Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Anyone who threatens me or does me harm in a manner contrary to the U.S. Constitution, its Amendments, and all subsequent laws, will be met with a man who will defend himself, his family, and his property by any and all lawful means necessary.

5.  I will love the Lord my God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength, to the best of my ability.

6.  I will care for widows and orphans, to the best of my ability.

7.  I will treat others as I would have them treat me.

“I’m not an American.” – Barack Hussain Obama

Obama recently ordered the troops not to criticize the Taliban.  Yet Obama has, by his own admission, no legal authority to do so.  In his own words:  “First of all, it’s true, I’m not an American.  I was not born in Hawaii.  I was not born in the United States of America.  I come from Kenya.”

Video of Obama admitting he’s not a U.S. citizen

Our oaths of office are to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Our Constitution absolutely demands the following:  “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” – Article II Section 1.

Since by Obama’s own admission his is not Constitutionally eligible to be President, he is not in fact, the President at all, and therefore has no authority over the troops as their Commander in Chief.

In fact, he is in the White House illegally and should immediately resign.  If he refuses, he needs to be removed from the White House without delay.

This should not require impeachment, which would be appropriate for the President.  Since he’s not eligible to be the President, and is not, in fact, the President, he is therefore not eligible for impeachment status.  He simply needs to be physically removed, preferably by federal agents, and charged as would be any citizen, or in this case, non-citizen.

For more proof that Obama is not an America, check out this article on everything that’s wrong with the two ficticious birth certificates released by his administration.

World Domination 101 via the 47%

World Domination 101:  Obama’s no fool, but he’s no Bobby Fischer or Gary Kasparov, either.  He’s admitted in public and on video multiple times that he he wasn’t born in America and that he’s a Muslim.  He’s openly given $1.5 billion American Dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, and given the meteoric rise in our deficit, from $9 Trillion to $16 Trillion, I suspect he managed to siphon off at least $1 Trillion of that to Islam.

I’m a Christian, but I don’t view other world religions with distaste, as they’ve never given me any reason to do so.  Except Islam.  It’s the only religion which mandates its followers either convert or kill infidels (unbelievers), as well as lie to do so.  Only socialism has resulted in more deaths, worldwide, than Islam.  Obama is both Muslim and a socialist, but not the latter in any sort of pure form.  He’s got his own brand of world-wrecking idealism, and if humanity ever manages to dethrone him, the history books will likely record it as Obamanism, right up there with Naziism, Fascism, Communism, Marxism, etc.

I haven’t a clue as to what’s been happening on Congress, why they haven’t impeached him for at least one of the several felonies (high crimes) he’s committed while in office, or any of his dozens of misdemeanors.  The only answer I’ve received was from John Boehner’s office, and they said they won’t start impeachment proceedings because they can’t possible get the 2/3 vote required.  Personally, I think they need to impeach him anyway, if for no other reason than to bypass the uber-liberal mainstream media who refuses to report Obama-wrongs.

I haven’t seen 2016, yet, but I’ve watched Agenda, and that alone ID’d all the players from the late 1800s on, and connected all the dots, all of which lead to Obama.  This problem isn’t just within our own borders.  It’s worldwide, and has existed for more than a century.  It has resulted in two world wars and dozens of smaller skirmishes.  More than a billion humans are dead as a direct or indirect result of this sickness, and three times that many have been harmed, most often physically (maimed).

I say “sickness,” because that’s what it is, and all the major players, including Obama, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Khrushchev, Emperor Sh?wa (Hirohito), Ahmadinejad (Iran), Putin, Chavez, and al-Assad (Syria), have one thing in common:  They’re all megalomaniacs (narcissistic personality disorder).

But they’re not the real problem.  They’re only the symptom of a far greater problem.  The real problem lies with the 47% who are either too lazy, stupid, ignorant, or idealistic to understand what’s going on.  These idiots mis-educate our youth, rewrite history, fail to properly report the news, and otherwise keep at least 47% of us secluded from reality.

It’s very frustrating to see otherwise intelligent people, friends for many years, get that deer in the headlights look before pressing the Obama lever at the polls.

MSNBC’s “fiscal curb” vs Reality’s FISCAL CLIFF

MSNBC refers to the FISCAL CLIFF as the “fiscal curb.”

While at the gym this morning, around 6:15 am, I was flipping through channels, looking for Fox News, when I stumbled across an MSNBC-orchestrated “panel of experts” discussing what was printed at the bottom of the screen throughout the entire show, the “fiscal curb.”

Is this uber-liberal show (I say “show” as they don’t report the actual news) trying to minimize this issue?  Oh, hell yeah.  Of course they are.

Even more deceptive, however, was their “panel of experts.”  They’re supposed to be leading experts in the financial and fiscal policy arenas, yet I’d never heard of any of them, despite being an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal, the Denver Post, Forbes, and the New Yorker, the latter of which is very well-known and highly respected for both its humor, as well as it’s “rigorous fact checking and copyediting.”  In fact, the New Yorker precisely nailed Obama’s religious and political loyalties on the cover of its July 21, 2008 issue, depicted on the right. 

Furthermore, while they billed the panelists as objective and presenting multiple sides to the issue, they were NOT presenting multiple sides to the issue.  They were presenting different aspects of the SAME uber-liberal side, and all were openly advocating various forms of socialism to one extent or another!

Compare that to Fox News, where their panelists are indeed well-known, and are indeed from opposite corners of the ring, where the discussions do indeed bring liberal and conservative points of view head-to-head.

MSNBC:  YOU LIE, and in the most carefully crafted and highly deceptive way possible.

Make no mistake, people:  America is headed over the FISCAL CLIFF as we speak.  We could barely afford the $9 Trillion of deficit we had when Obama took office.  Even that would have taken more than 70 years to pay off.  By comparison, the interest alone on $16 trillion that exists less than four years later is beyond America’s current ability to bear.  That 70 years has risen to several hundred years, if not forever, and Obama wants to raise it even further, to $25 Trillion, which will absolutely, totally and completely, bankrupt our nation.  Our credit rating won’t just drop to a B.  It’ll drop to an F.

There’s only one rational solution to this fiscal debacle:  Mandate NO increases to the debt ceiling without BOTH a balanced budget AND a 2/3 majority vote from both the House and the Senate.

The good news is that such a bill has been advanced on both floors of the House and the Senate!  Entitled the Budget Before Borrowing Act (H.R. 3778/S.2040), it goes about 90% of the way.

OpenID’s Time has Come!

OpenID is an open standard that describes how users can be authenticated in a decentralized manner, eliminating the need for services to provide their own ad hoc systems and allowing users to consolidate their digital identities.”

What this means for us, and why it’s so critical, particularly in light of the last election:

It’s already very widely adopted:  “As of December 2009, there are over 1 billion OpenID enabled accounts on the Internet.”

No central authority, such as any governmental body, was involved in its establishment, nor will they be allowed to monkey with the way it’s run:  “The OpenID protocol does not rely on a central authority to authenticate a user’s identity.”

YOU are the one who establishes and verifies who you are:  “An end-user is the entity that wants to assert a particular identity. A relying party (RP) is a web site or application that wants to verify the end-user’s identifier.”  Relying parties, such as the DMV or a prospective employer can further authenticate an end-user, and keep additional information on file using the end-user’s unique public identity number.  ONLY the actual end-user, however, can verify they are who they say they are.

The process is 100% electronic, using the same modern authentication and encryption techniques used by modern banking, and which successfully protects billions of dollars each day against hackers.  A hacker would not only have to know everything about you, they would also have to know your personal security code/password, without which the system knows the hacker is not you.

As your actual code/password is not stored on the system, even if the system were hacked, or accessed by unauthorized internal breach of security, because of the way the system works, they would still be unable to authenticate themselves as you.

It is fully-endorsed by such noteworthy and objective leaders in cyber security as Sun Microsystems, VeriSign, PayPal, IBM, and Symantec.

Now, here’s why it’s so important given what happened during the last election:  100% of the states whose votes fell towards Obama REFUSED to implement Voter ID measures.  Meanwhile, 100% of the states who did implement Voter ID wound up supporting Romney.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Instead of having 50 different Voter ID systems, however, why not have ONE system, a system that’s managed by those who use it, rather than a system created by a potentially corrupt government who might very well rig the system?  Or worse, what we have no, which is no relying system at all…

Hire a Veteran!

I you’re wondering whether you should hire a veteran, I would encourage you to stop wondering and simply do it.  Sadly, America has an OUTSTANDING workforce being shunned because of…  What?  Fear of failure?

Those of us with a military background have a “Can Do!” attitude.  Failure wasn’t an option.  We’re sons of success, not sons of failure.  Successful businesses hire people who’re both self-learners and self-starters.  They hire people who will see the job through to the end, who do quality work, and who will accept nothing less than the best. 

So why aren’t more companies willing to hire veterans?

I think it boils down to one thing:  Fear.  Some HR managers are afraid of the “unknown.”  Perhaps their only contact with a vet has been negative.  If so, they should visit a Rotary Club meeting, or an on-base open-house.  Others are afraid the only thing veterans know how to do is fire a gun, drive a tank, and fly airplanes, none of which has anything to do with their business.  They forget that military aviators like me, my 2,500 hours in the cockpit and the accompanying 2,500 hours spent in mission planning and debriefings comprises just 12% of the total time I spent in the military.  At the most, another 12% was spent in ground training, in everything from firearms to self-aid/buddy care (combat first-aid), protection of the President, records management, anti-terrorism/force-protection (AT/FP) and many, many other fields of study.  Some of those areas have no applicability to modern business, but most of them do.

Take records management, for example.  That’s a given, as all businesses have records they need to manage.  But with about first-aid?  Most businesses require at least some of their employees to know first aid, and at least a few to also know CPR.  AT/FP is indirectly applicable.  It’s primary focus is to be fully aware of your surroundings, and to be unpredictable.

Most businesses use various forms of SWOT analysis to assess themselves and their environment.  Being aware of one’s self, one’s unit or crew, and the environment in which we’re operating is always in the mind of a veteran.  Combined with our winning attitudes and solid work ethic, we do a great deal of good for the companies who hire us!

So what did I do the remaining 76% of my time in the military?  I worked!  I did the same kind of work required by all businesses.  In fact, I’ve been all of these:

  • computer technician
  • network designer, installer, systems administrator
  • database designer, developer, and administrator
  • corporate trainer
  • records manager
  • team leader
  • department head ($220k non-personnel annual budget)
  • scheduler
  • project manager
  • program manager ($11 million non-personnel annual budget)
  • academic instructor
  • courseware developer
  • writer / technical writer
  • editor
  • executive assistant
  • data and systems analyst
  • photographer
  • webmaster

The rest of the time, about 25% of the time I was in the military, I had the distinct honor of being able to mission plan, fly a multimillion dollar aircraft, and debrief, both in training and combat.

So, in answer to the question, “Why should I hire a veteran?” the only valid response is to ask you, “Why NOT hire a veteran?”

Pearl Harbor – A Day of Remembrance

Seventy-one years ago today, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in an unprecedented, unprovoked attack against U.S. military forces.

2,402 people were killed.

Eleven years ago, Islam attacked the World Trade Center in an unprecedented, unprovoked attack against U.S. citivilians.

2,977 people were killed.

According to the U.S. Congressional Record, on file in our Library of Congress, socialism in its many forms (progressivism, communism, marxism, lenninism, fascism, and naziism), was directly responsible for massive loss of life.

135,000,000 people were killed.

Four years ago, a man who has repeatedly voiced his alignment and loyalty to both Islam and socialism (via communism), was elected serve the United States of America.  He did not.  Instead, he served both Islam and socialism, siphoning off trillions of hard-earned American taxpayer dollars to Islamic and socialist interests outside U.S. borders.

Many Americans did not realize it, but they’d opened the door to their own doom.

One month ago, some Americans realized their mistake and voted against the Islamic socialist/communist in office.  Unfortunately, most Americans doggedly continued in their misconceptions, thereby sealing their country’s doom.

Should the world continue to allow dictators like Obama to rise to power, the 21st Century is likely to go down in history as surpassing the 20th Century in terms of the number of millions of people who die as a direct result of socialism in one of its many forms.

So, as you remember and honor those of sacrificed their lives for our country, please consider what you can do today to forestall this century’s looming battles of groundless socialist ideologies against the sound reason and judgement on which our country was founded and rose to greatness.