“Arms,” not “Firearms” – Why Details Matter

Our Second Amendment never limited the term “arms” to just “firearms.” Our Founding Fathers knew this well, as period writings clearly show that “arms” is the shortened form of “armaments,” of which “firearms” was only one type, and only used when references to “arms” was limited by type to firearms.

When you enter the term “armaments” into Google Images, here’s what you get:



I think this makes it abundantly clear what that the term “arms” used as the shortened form of “armaments” in our Second Amendment, is most certainly NOT limited to “firearms.”

In fact, here’s a complete list of infantry arms used during the American Revolution:

Firearms include the Flintlock Musket, commonly known as the Brown Bess, the Long Rifle, the Pattern 1776 Infantry Rifle, the Ferguson Rifle, the Charleville Musket, and a number of various pistols.

Other Arms include the bayonet, hatchet, tomahawk, swords, cutlass, sabres, hunting swords, knives, and pole arms (pikes, spears, halberds, partisans, and spontoons), and various cannon.

ALL of these weapons mentioned above are ARMS, the same word used in the Second Amendment.  Only some of them are “firearms,” a subset of arms consisting of mostly hand-held weapons that employ burning powder to launch a projectile down a tube.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: armaments : military weapons that are used to fight a war, i.e. “arms”

Wikipedia states:  “A weapon, arm, or armament is any device used with intent to inflict damage or harm to living beings, structures, or systems.”

“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” – Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Our Founding Fathers WANTED the people of our great nation to have “military weapons that are used to fight a war,” and for damned good reason.  If their right to keep and bear arms was infringed in ANY manner, then an unscrupulous federal government could then employ force to compel them to give up their freedoms.

Our federal government has long since crossed the line of using force to compel We the People to do is bidding, instead of the other way around, where our federal government used to serve the interests of the people without infringing on anyone’s Constitutional rights.

Our federal government uses other forms of force against our will:

Fiscal, primarily through the IRS, but also by withholding federal tax dollars earmarked for things like highways if a state refuses to kowtow to some federal mandate — usually well beyond the fed’s authority to even consider such a mandate much less attempt to shove it down a state’s throat.

Land, primarily through the BLM.  Countless of ranchers that used to actually own their land have had to forfeit their land in order to avoid prison.

Economic, primarily through the EPA and the SEC, but many federal authorities jump on this bandwagon, forcing organizations to stop doing business if their business doesn’t support the fed’s way of thinking.

This un-Constitutional crap MUST STOP, America.  Write your Congressman.  Arm up.  Do NOT let them take our hard-won freedoms!

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