Anti-Maskers are Idiots

I’m now un-friending all anti-maskers without hesitation.

I’m tired of their false, ignorance-riddled bravado, as well as their unwillingness to learn anything about how masks actually work in environments with contagions like the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Their gross misconceptions sound like two-year-olds trying to explain nuclear fusion. They’re either unwilling or incapable of separating myths from realities. and they continue to hawk thoroughly debunked bullshit about low O2 and high CO2 levels.

“Challenge your preconceptions, or they’ll challenge you.”

– Mr. Vellac

While liberal governors continue un-Constitutional shutdowns based on the false dichotomy of “shut down or die,” anti-maskers engage in their own mental pigeon-holes. Neither one is willing to admit the “Protection is Portable” plan is the only way to continue being productive while keeping the virus at bay.

Some anti-maskers are so incredibly stupid they’re unwilling to admit the pandemic is real.

Mostly, however, I’m tired of their Demoncrap-like willingness to do whatever the hell they feel like doing regardless of the harm to others or society as a whole. How are they any different from Pelosi and the Demoncraps? They’re not. They mistake their own selfishness for freedom and have limited, if any sense of societal responsibility i.e. civic duty.

They’re no more conservative or Republican than Romney-lead RINOs. In fact, I wouldn’t trust any of them to pull watch duty and remain at their post, much less stay with the team in a firefight.

Being ignorant is often forgivable and can be easily rectified. There’s no shame in not knowing something.

Willful ignorance, however, is neither forgivable nor can it be rectified when it results in injury or death.