Anthropogenic Global Warming / Climate Change – Myth vs Reality

The reason 53% of all Californians, including nearly two-thirds of Millennials, are chomping at the bit to LEAVE California is due to the insatiable tax-hungry appetites of the liberal Democrats in California’s state legislature and rubber-stamp governors who signed into law the many modes of California’s failure and demise, namely, a ton of ear-tickling but horrendously foolish measures that have bankrupted not only the state but it’s tax base, as well, on ignorant frivolities whose net cost is increasingly negative.

President Trump VERY WISELY walked away from the Paris Climate Accord after recognizing it as a thinly disguised attempt to shift wealth from rich countries like the U.S. to the many poorer countries around the world.
Outstanding move, President Trump.

The United States of America was founded by hard-working, enterprising men and women who worked their BACKSIDES off, and not just by working harder, but by working smarter. I and my ancestors did the same, not only creating wealth for ourselves, but bettering our communities in the process, and now three generations of us have served or are serving our nation through the U.S. Armed Forces.

These various global warming/climate change schemes keep upping their price tag. The latest one I’ve seen claims it’ll cost $100 TRILLION to “stop climate change, global warming, and sea level rise.”

NO nation on Earth has that kind of money. Heck, even the top twenty nations COMBINED can’t scrape up funds like that, not even over 20 years.

What we CAN do, however, is continue doing what we’ve done, namely, such as how “the U.S. lowered emissions by 118% over the last 10 years.”

Furthermore, this incomprehensibly massive and unsustainable undertaking labeled the “Paris Climate Accord” completely and utterly ignores historical facts as established through the undeniable and widely-accepted geological record:

1. Sea levels have risen 130 meters (427 feet) since the last glacial maximum some 21,000 years ago.

That’s a overall mean rate of 6.19 mm per year.

2. The vast majority of that occurred between 15,000 years ago and about 7,700 years ago, when sea levels rose 102 meters.

That’s a segment rate of 13.97 mm per year.

3. The last 7,000 years has seen a much gentler slope, since nearly all of the ice was melted by then, and has only undergone annual accumulation and melt.

That’s a segment rate of 1.14 mm per year.

4. Climate scientists’ current claim: “The Greenland ice sheet and its glaciers and ice caps are the largest contributor to sea level rise from land ice sources (excluding thermal expansion), combined accounting for 71 percent, or 1.32 mm per year during the 2012–2016 period.”

That’s an extremely short segment rate of 1.32 mm per year.

5. Ice core records for the periods immediately preceding the onset of the last four major ice ages, dating back to before 400,000 years ago, distinctly show a relatively short (circa 100 years) peak in both temperature and CO2 levels immediately before the steady plunge into the next ice age.

6. You can argue humans are causing the CO2, temperature, and sea-level rise this time around, but what about the other three pre-glaciation peaks that occurred over the last 400,000 years?

We certainly weren’t the cause back then, so what WAS the cause back then? And could the cause of the last three pre-glaciation spikes be causing the current pre-glaciation spike?

Occam’s Razor says, “Yes.”

7. The difference between the very steady 1.14 mm per year sea level rise over the last 7,000 years and the 1.32 mm per year sea level rise between 2012-2016, a difference of only 5.5%, could certainly be explained by the same three pre-glaciation spikes we see throughout the historical geological record.

8. No four-year record of anything is sufficiently long to conclude anything about climate. That’s like placing a needle on an un-released vinyl LP record for all of one inch and trying to deduce what the rest of the album sounds like.

9. Even the 30 years of records since 1990, or the 50 years since 1970, or the several hundred years since scientists began monitoring Earth’s mean temperatures only agree with the conditions immediately preceding the last three pre-glaciation peaks in temperature, sea level, and CO2 roughly 100k ya, 200k ya, 300k ya and 400k ya.

Bottom line, global warming alarmists claim the GOP isn’t following science at all, but what I see are global warming alarmists who ignore or dispute all science that doesn’t support their agenda.

That tactic isn’t science. It’s cherry-picking, and no sane member of Congress or the Executive branch would ever make trillion-dollar decisions based on cherry-picking.

I apologize if I come across as a scientist who sounds like he’s trying to explain something to someone who thinks he knows science but really doesn’t. However, if you’re one of those global warming alarmists who have never read though all of the IPCC’s reports but swallow global warming jibber-jabber hook, line, and sinker, that’s precisely what I’m doing.

Let me put it simply, in deference to you: If the Earths oceans rose 4.5 inches between 2000 and 2100, that would be precisely the SAME level of sea rise we’ve been experiencing over the last 7,000 years, and less than 20% of the sea level rise we’ve experienced since the last glacial maximum.

I’m sorry I can’t make thing any simpler. Science does have a minimum level of complexity required for proper comprehension. If it fails to fit your agenda, then I suggest you scrap your agenda and find one that jibes with real science.

Have a nice day!