America’s Greatest Terrorism Threats

According to a Princeton Study using FBI data and reported by GlobalResearch, Islam is not our greatest terrorism threat. Rather, the left-wing extremists surpass that threat by a factor of FOUR.
American Terrorism
Meanwhile, right-wing extremists don’t even appear on the chart. People like certain actors who say, “I’m fearful of people with guns!” need to keep that in mind, especially while living in Latino-dense Southern California.  Their terrorist threat level is nearly double that of left-wing extremists, and SEVEN TIMES higher than Islamic extremists.
left-wing terrorism
 The “terrorist threat” from right-wing extremists has to be less than that of the lowest group listed on the chart: Communists. Call it 4%, although it’s probably lower than that.  Even at 4%, however, it’s still SIX TIMES lower than that of left-wing extremists, and more than TEN TIMES lower than that of Latinos.
Please present these findings to the next blitheringly idiotic left-wing “journalist” who claims that “right-wingers are our biggest threat.”
Our only threat to the left is on intellectual and factual bases.
Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I didn’t gather the data. The FBI did. Nor did I conduct the study. Princeton University did.  Have a nice day.