2020 Stimulus II – 7 Points

Today, even Newsmax has joined in on the stimulus Trump-bashing:

Unemployment benefits for millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet lapsed overnight as President Donald Trump refused to sign an end-of-year COVID relief and spending bill that had been considered a done deal before his sudden objections. The fate of the bipartisan package remained in limbo Sunday as Trump continued to demand larger COVID relief checks and complained about “pork” spending.

December 27, 2020. Lawmakers press Trump on relief bill as jobless aid expires. Newsmax. Retrieved from: https://www.newsmax.com/headline/virus-outbreak-trump-congress/2020/12/27/id/1003227/

Huh. Clearly, journalists are as brain-dead as ever, even those who choose to work for a relatively conservative publication as Newsmax.

FIRST, Newsmax and the world, President Trump did NOT wait until the last minute. The GOP had a viable solution for the second stimulus bill back in MAY, more than 7 months go.

SECOND, the DEMONCRAPS have delayed it into the last minute, hoping we’d approve their PORK out of desperation. THANK GOD President Trump has more restraint than that.

THIRD, calling this a “bipartisan effort” just because a few RINOs like Mick “The F***?” Romney signed off on it is like calling a hippo a house cat just because it has whiskers.

FOURTH, President Trump’s objections were NOT “sudden.” He’s been anti-PORK for DECADES.

FIFTH, when 5 parts out of 6 are PORK and only 1 part out of 6 is actual relief, it’s NOT a “relief bill.” It’s DEMONCRAP PORK.

SIXTH, dividing $900 billion by 250 million adults yields $3,600, which is what We the People should get as this is OUR country and BY FAR the most accurate stimulus will be determined by US spending the money on that which WE NEED THE MOST.

SEVENTH, watering it down to next to nothing by trying to prop up LUXURIES like the Kennedy Arts Center is incredibly WASTEFUL and STUPID like only Demoncraps can be. “Gender studies in Afghanistan?” Are you OUT OF YOUR DAMNED MINDS??? Clearly, YES, you ARE. The ONLY thing we should be giving to poor countries is the vaccine. At $30 a pop, that comes to just $90 billion i.e. 10% of the $900 billion relief bill, NOT $750 billion.

Let’s face it, America, Pelosi and the Demoncraps are HORRENDOUSLY BAD for America, and Sierra Alpha Foxtrot to boot, while those who keep voting for them are WORSE. Demoncrap morons aren’t “woke.” They don’t even have a pulse, at least not one which rises above their clavicle.

You know what this stimulus bill is, America? It’s more FRAUD, the same as they attempted on November 3. Demoncraps are RAPING the United States of America, people. WAKE UP, and NO, you are NOT. Not yet, anyway — not as long as you keep voting more Demoncrap RAPISTS into office.