2020 Presidential Elections – One Year Later

Yes, people, the election was indeed rigged, a fact checked by many competent statisticians which identified unmistakable signs of ballot-stuffing in at least seven key states.

For example, after fifteen straight hours of Trump leading Biden by between 5% and 8% hour after hour, with 80% of votes counted, all of a sudden, between one hour and the next, the spread suffered a severe discontinuity with Biden leading by 26% for the last three hours, just enough to give him the win in Michigan.

Now, before you jump to the erroneous conclusion this was the result of them shifting from ballots collected at the polls to mail-in ballots, the short answer is, “Nope.” The two ratios were more than four times out of whack. At most, the disparity between poll and mail-in ballots could only account for a 7% spread. The observed 26% spread was more than six degrees of freedom away from the statistical norm.

That’s less than one chance in a million.

If it were one state, it would still raise massive flags, but might possibly be explained as a fluke.

But not seven states. Seven states isn’t a fluke. Seven states, particularly borderline states, reveal a clear pattern of ballot-stuffing.

Two additional facts drive the entire matter home:

  1. None of these states used ballot-tracking. Thus, if a mass of ballots were added to the stream being fed into the hoppers, there would be no way to tell.

This alone doesn’t prove anything. It does, however, provide the means as to how they could get away with it. For the proof, we have one more key piece of information:

  1. The hour-by-hour ballot returns increased by some 31% during the last few hours. It was 31% above expected returns based upon the first fifteen hours as well as the rate of returns as a percent of population in previous elections.

Do you recall the media eagerly exhaulting the “record number of voters” blah blah? It’s not that it set records. It’s that there’s never been anything like it, anywhere. That many people just do not EVER get off their couches and vote.

The cheaters had to be careful not to exceed 100% of the voting population, however, as that would be a dead giveaway. What they fail to understand is that so’s a voting population of 92%. While not six sigmas outside the bounds of normalcy, it’s still three sigmas away from the norm, and that’s 1 in a thousand. Over seven states, that’s not 1 in 7,000. Rather, it’s 1 in 1,000^7, which is 1 in sextillion, not merely a massively impossible number, but rather, a universally impossible number.


The lack of ballot integrity via unique ballot serial number tracking allowed ballot dumping to remain undetected.

That’s means.

The excessive returns way outside the bounds of normalcy not merely in one state, but in all seven provides the evidence, along with the 33% reversal, not merely reversed, but reversed with a spread three and a half times greater, both provide the evidence, as do the numerous incidences of election officials telling non-Democrat members of their team to “go home, we’ll continue this in the morning,” only for the Democrats to remain behind “counting” (stuffing) the ballots. That’s opportunity.

As for motive, winning an election against “the bad orange man whose mean Tweets hurt me” will do.

In closing, we’ve established means, motive, and opportunity, along with absolutely unmistakable and undeniable statistical evidence of wrongdoing.

You claim that it was “debunked” came from the same perpetrators who committed the crime. It’s the old, “We didn’t do it,” ploy, with the hands-on criminals aided and abetted by complicit journalists throughout the radically left Mudstream Media well know for their serious anti-conservative bias and penchant for lying their butts off any time it suits them to do so when they think they can get away with it.

Means, motive, opportunity AND the statistically undeniable evidence proving they did indeed and in fact ballot-stuff those state’s elections.

Apparently, conservative politicians have grown so afraid of their own shadow they would rather concede an entire FALSIFIED election than run the risk of taking a stand on a mathematical subject almost none of them understand.

Meanwhile, people such as yourself run around falsely proclaiming, “It was debunked!”

No, it wasn’t. The facts remain: Election fraud occurred and it was enough to tip the election in Biden’s favor. Had the election been truthful and just, President Trump would be at the helm, not Biden.

Good day, people. You’ve been HOODWINKED, heinouly lied to by your own government and the media.

Updated: November 3, 2021 — 4:13 am