2020 Elections: Prediction as of 2/15/20

To arrive at a reasonable answer, I’ll have to put on my unreasonable cap: Bloomberg. All are tanking except Sanders, Bloomberg, and Buttigieg, and America isn’t ready for a same-sex White House.


Hillary threw nearly twice as much money at the masses in 2016 than Trump, and Electoral margins in most states where Trump won were rather slim. Ergo, money talks.

Bloomberg looks presidential, has more wealth to throw away than Trump has total, and slick ads will indeed fool the masses. Neither Sanders nor the entire Demoncrap party can touch his wealth.

Of course he’s worse for us than some of the others. That’s not the point. The point is he has the background, looks, experience and money to give President Trump a solid run for the money.


Now, let’s consider the field, using RealClear Politics as my source. They keep their standings chart up to date while averaging a number of liberal, conservative, and independent polling sources.

Sanders is clearly in the lead at 23.6, followed by Biden with 19.2, Bloomberg at 14.2, Warren at 12.4, Buttigieg with 10.6, and the rest below 5.


If they’re below 5 at this point, they have zero hope. Klobuchar isn’t intelligent, Yang dropped out, Steyer is rich but wacked, Gabbard is better than all of them put together, but for some reason, dead last.

Despite Sodom and Gomorrah’s, er, Denver and Boulder’s backing of “Yeah, sure — I’ll sign it” Polis, the rest of Colorado hates his guts. America doesn’t want to become a cesspool with Buttigieg, and Bloomberg not only soared right past Buttigieg, but at a rate double the Butt’s climb. In fact, Bloomberg will likely pass the two-thirds point to Saunders. As people bail on Biden and Warren, more of the darling little lemmings are going with Bloomberg, in large part due to Hillary’s endorsement.


As I see it, the race is between Sanders and Bloomberg.

If Sanders wins, a LOT of older Demoncraps who remember well the Cold War will prefer Trump over Sanders heavy communist ties.

Result: Trump wins.

If Bloomberg wins, the younger idealists will grouse, but there’s little they can do about it and more will likely back Bloomberg in the general election than Trump.

Result: It’ll be close.


You head it from me right here, right now, February 15, 2020. I’ll keep this post up and refer back to it often, just to see how things pan out.