How Demoncrap “Incivility” Violates Federal Law

I’d originally written this as a 2018 update to The Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton, but with Hillary’s renewed calls for incivility in recent weeks, it applies to this Fall season in 2019, as well! In recent weeks, Hillary Clinton has engaged in encouraging insurrection among Demoncraps by encouraging “incivility.”  She doesn’t care that some […]

Aerobics Done RIGHT and Basal Metabolic Rate BUFFOONERY

First: How Basal Metabolic Rate indicators LIE Various online calculators will invariably spit out their basal metabolic rate based on their current weight, their height, and their age. For someone who is Age 56 and is 5’11”, that comes to: 167 lbs: 1,627 calories per day 267 lbs: 2,250 calories per day Apparently, they want […]

The Wicked Left v. the Righteous Right

Beto O’Rourke, along with all other Demoncrap candidates for president, pledges to violate people’s Constitutional rights and freedoms. Specifically, he ” called for churches and religious institutions to lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage.” Sounds like prohibiting the free exercise of religion to me. What does our Constitution say about that? “Congress […]

Why Dust changes Temperature and Temperature changes CO2

Sorry to say, but all scientists who believe in anthropogenic global warming causes by the release of man-made CO2 can’t see beyond the ends of their noses, much less into the relatively thick phenomenon known as space weather. I cannot speak ill of those who hold onto the coattails of climate change scientists because they […]

American Thinker on the Illiberal Left

We can no longer call them “liberals,” as the left is heading straight into the tyrannical domination commonly disguised as “socialism.” 95% believe the party line of reaching the socialist ideal (impossible to achieve given the inherent nature of mankind) while the top 5% know the truth and are feeding the lie hoping to become […]

Why Nextdoor Fails to Attract More Customers

I signed up for Nextdoor a couple of years ago, and I have a few bones to pick with your policies and practices! 1. There’s no direct link on your website to contact your organization. If one is there, it’s well-hidden. That’s a FAIL. 2. When I entered my address, it displayed my “neighborhood” as […]

Do flu vaccines contain dog kidneys and spermicides?

Short answer: No. This post arose as the result of someone posted a purported conversation between themselves, a flu vaccination stand attendant, and a pharmacist at Walmart, during which the individual claimed they showed the stand attendant, a manager, and the pharmacist that “dog kidney” and “spermicide” were listed in “the manufacturer’s insert for the […]