As President Donald Trump leaves the White House for President-Elect Joe Biden, I am making this post so it will show back up as a future memory on my timeline. I’m also saving it to my “Biden” folder. Today is day 1 of the Biden/Harris Inauguration. Here are TODAY’S STATS. All future values will be […]

Journalism’s Deep Slide into Idealistic Agendas


Disclaimer: If you think I wrote this with you in mind, please see the Disclaimer section at the bottom. A friend of mine shared an article this morning from The Atlantic entitled, What Can Prewar Germany Teach Us About Social Media Regulation? It had been re-titled by the time I landed on the page, along […]

Trump Administration Accomplishments – FINAL


Unprecedented Economic Boom Before the China Virus invaded our shores, we built the world’s most prosperous economy. America gained 7 million new jobs – more than three times government experts’ projections. Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration. The unemployment rate reached 3.5 percent, […]

FAA Aviation Handbooks & Manuals

Aviation Handbooks & Manuals

Legal Disclaimer: I am neither a current FAA-certified pilot or CFI/CFII. The following material consists only of opinion. It is not in any way, shape, manner or form to be misconstrued as aviation, piloting or training advice of any kind. By continuing you acknowledge and consent that you’ve read and agree to abide by all […]

Trump Impeachment 2.0

This impeachment is a Congressional goat-rope, a boondoggle of epic proportions, extreme falsehoods perpetrated against the American people by the deep state and amplified through complicit mouthpieces consisting of most mainstream media outlets. There’s a term for this, and it is equally as appropriate as it is base: Shit Show. The entire staged event exemplifies […]

2020 Election Fraud Revisited – WITH EVIDENCE

Todd Starnes asked what his readers thought about the election. Specifically: OPINION: Franklin Graham says he tends to agree with President Trump – that the election was either stolen or rigged. What say you, America? Starnes, T. (December 21, 2020). Franklin Graham: I tend to believe election was rigged or stolen. Retrieved from: My […]


While reading through the docket of the U.S. Supreme Court, in particular the 35 motions filed by Texas, 17 additional states, and both supporting and detracting entities, I observed two things: Texas does indeed have standing commensurate with U.S. Law. The U.S. Supreme Court did NOT rule that Texas didn’t have standing. Rather, they only […]

The Triple Crown on Mask Effectiveness against COVID-19 Transmission

aerosol science

While men of politics have devalued science by wavering in their answers on masks over the last several months, PROPER science has never wavered: Masks for all? The science says yes. In fact, masks are a vital component of the PPE (personal protective equipment) everyone should be using, along with proper sanitary procedures, in order […]

The Constitutional Unlawfulness of Stay-At-Home and Business Closed Orders

If I had $20 million, I’d have fast-tracked a case to the Supreme Court demanding a decision on the Constitutional lawfulness of “stay-at-home” orders. We KNOW what works. Both Hong Kong and Singapore proved it to the entire world beyond any shadow of a doubt. We know WHY it works. The same procedures used in […]

Biden and the Dems hard at work on Cloward-Piven

I’m still not quite sure whether Dems are intentionally using the Cloward-Piven strategy to establish a guaranteed national income. Essentially, the Cloward-Piven strategy would lead to the complete control of citizens through Socialism/Communism. After all, Hanlon’s razor states, “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” (or idealism). Nevertheless, Demoncraps are certainly […]

Biden wants to get rid of EVERYONE

Former CIA Director John Brennan, the man who weaponized the CIA to target Hillary Clinton’s political opposition, appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to outline the Joe Biden administration’s plan to identify political enemies, label them as domestic terrorists, then “root them out” of the population. To Brennan, and probably Biden and Harris, this means YOU, ME […]