Defeat of the Anti-Maskers

As a friend of mine said, “as a human being, knowing we are in an epidemic, why wouldn’t we try to help slow down the spread of COVID-19?” There’s lies the crux of the problem. The sin of anti-maskers has blinded them. These otherwise good, mostly conservative and mostly patriotic people cannot, for whatever reason, […]

The Triple Crown on Mask Effectiveness against COVID-19 Transmission

While men of politics have devalued science by wavering in their answers on masks over the last several months, PROPER science has never wavered: Masks for all? The science says yes. One of the key meta-studies of most available hard-science, peer-reviewed research: Face Masks Against COVID-19: An Evidence Review: A primary route of transmission of […]

Anti-Maskers are Idiots

I’m now un-friending all anti-maskers without hesitation. I’m tired of their false, ignorance-riddled bravado, as well as their unwillingness to learn anything about how masks actually work in environments with contagions like the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Their gross misconceptions sound like two-year-olds trying to explain nuclear fusion. They’re either unwilling or incapable of separating myths from […]


The Internet remains chock full of COVID-19 buffoonery, if not bombastic bullshit. An ex-friend was calling for a mask-burning party. He’s got it in his thick, ignorant head that this is all a lie. I’ve tried informing him repeatedly that “stats don’t lie,” but he doesn’t understanding statistics and he’s got a little bit of […]

How Hong Kong and Singapore BEAT CORONAVIRUS

Waiting for a train in Hong Kong in early May… WAIT! WHAT ARE THEY WEARING ON THEIR FACES THAT ALLOWED THEM TO CONTINUE WORKING THROUGH ALL THIS WITH SUCH A TINY FATALITY RATE??? Yes, people. THEY DID IT. Hong Kong and Singapore BEAT the COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Mandatory masks are ONE […]

COVID-19 PPE & Procedures

Stopping COVID-19 isn’t rocket science. It’s simple, easy, and as both Hong Kong and Singapore have resoundingly proven, it’s extremely effective. We’ve also seen first-hand what doesn’t work. Not only are stay-at-home orders, shut-downs and lock-downs ineffective, they’re Constitutionally unlawful, and I eagerly await the onslaught of lawsuits against mayors and governors who were so […]

Bombing Japan Saved Many Lives

About four or five years ago, I had a conversation with this gentleman about his opinion. He certainly sees one side of it, with some 306,600 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki who suffered and died, but for some reason, he cannot objectively bring himself to see the other side, the estimates of between 2 and 10 […]

Voting Security Done Right – A Start

As a systems analyst as well as a staunch Constitutionalist, conservative and Christian with a strong background in IT and military operations (20+ year veteran), I feel compelled to point out a few things about voting technology and why demonizing it will not only do nothing to secure the vote but absolutely will push away […]

Demoncrap Diatribe

By “diatribe,” I’m referring to the information lies, cheats and steals engaged in by Demoncrap operators who have zero regard for the truth. Case in point (responses to follow): Your knowledge of the Constitution and the organization, structure, duties and responsibiities of various government agencies is absolutely ABYSMAL. Your knowlege of contemporary world history is […]

Dilution and the Demented

Demoncraps have adopted a new tactic: Dilution. Put simply, they’re using information overload to blind you to reality. “To show you how this works, Sivanathan describes two different students: Tim and Tom. Tim studies 31 hours a week outside class. Tom also studies 31 hours a week outside class. He has a brother and two […]

Back to Basics: Using Fluid Dynamics to Solve Social Unrest

Let’s get back to basics, shall we? Find the source of the pressure and you’ll find the source of the riots, rebellion and insurrection. Identify which elements in the system are creating turbulence, and you can greatly reduce the problems in any society. Social unrest is characterized by the general dissatisfaction of a group and the […]

NFAC already in violation of Federal Law

In response to “Black Militia Threatens to Burn Down Louisville if Officers Who Killed Breonna Taylor Aren’t Arrested,” it appears their mere existence already has them on the hook for a 5-year stint in the federal penitentiary. In accordance with 18 U.S. Code §?2386.Registration of certain organizations, the “Not F-cking Around Coalition,” (NFAC) an armed Black […]

White Guilt and Reparations

“White guilt” is nothing more than a form of survivor guilt, a mental condition that occurs when a person believes they have done something wrong by surviving a traumatic or tragic event when others did not, often feeling self-guilt. When the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (DSM-IV) was published, survivor guilt was […]