Collection of Alternative Living Space Videos

The elegant (and expensive) solution: The grunge (least expensive) solution: The 15 TON solution: The half-cost, kit-built, dream home option: The Van Conversion How-To Option: The Wonderfully Homey and Beautiful Wood-Highlights Container House Option (the geodesic greenhouse is only the last three minutes):

Immigration sanctuaries are ILLEGAL. Here’s WHY:

Declaring an area within the United States a “sanctuary” is not itself inherently illegal. The problem with immigration sanctuaries is their interference with and denial of Constitutional protections afforded to all U.S. Citizens. When local, county, city or state governments declare areas under their purview as “immigration sanctuaries,” they violate Constitutionally-lawful federal law. Those laws […]

2020 Elections: Prediction as of 2/15/20

To arrive at a reasonable answer, I’ll have to put on my unreasonable cap: Bloomberg. All are tanking except Sanders, Bloomberg, and Buttigieg, and America isn’t ready for a same-sex White House. CONSIDER THE AUDIENCE Hillary threw nearly twice as much money at the masses in 2016 than Trump, and Electoral margins in most states […]

Food Allergies and all the crap we put in our bodies

“…it is thought that eating trigger foods during weaning can lead to a healthy response and prevent the allergy developing, because the gut’s immune system is prepared to tolerate bacteria and foreign substances, such as food.” Here are my thoughts: 1. Quite possibly the increase in two working parents, or one parent, a working mother, […]

Election Reform we can ALL use:

To the Honorable First Last: After thoroughly reviewing the U.S. Constitution (read more than 500 times en toto and certain portions well over a thousand times), along with applicable federal election law, I would like to share with with you my stance on voting as obtained directly from the supreme law of the land and […]

Bill Gates and Climate Non-Sense

Bill Gates demands “greater investment in innovation to support the needs of everyone.” Sounds like global socialism to me. When it comes to climate change, like most rich people, he believes if you just throw enough money at it, something’s bound to stick. No, Bill. Blow it out your ears. For one, the “experts” still […]

California Attempts to Rid Itself of Ham (Amateur) Radio

Headlines: California Officials declare Ham Radio no longer a benefit; Demands Ham radio repeater infrastructure to be Removed It begins by eliminating Constitutionally-law and federally-authorized repeaters.  California absolutely will not stop there.  Once the repeaters are gone, they’ll pass their own laws governing the use of the radio frequency spectrum before monitoring the airwaves and […]