Circumglobal Navigation Without Compasses or Clocks

In response to this article… A few years back, I and an astronomer friend at a star stare spent a few days working out various ways to navigate all over the earth using nothing but sticks, stones, and string — and basic math (addition and subtraction). The only difficult aspect involved coming up with accurate […]

How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Message Forum

The following is a guide written for admins and mods of message forums. Yes, it’s necessary. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t have taken the time to write it. Overmoderation Most newbie moderators — along with far too many old-heads — fail to understand the nature of message forums is NOT to “get to the point,” […]

Game Theory, Voting, Reason, and Behavior

A friend of mine recently said, “” There are better election systems than our single-vote system, which inevitably results in a two-party system. Ranked choice, however, isn’t one of them as it’s too easily gamed and when people game it, it backfires. For example, let’s say five candidates are running, but only A and B, […]

Statistics: Neither “lies” nor “damned lies”

Encountered yet another “lies, damned lies, and statistics” adherent this morning. My response: When you adhere to the rules of statistics, there are no “lies” or “damned lies.” There’s only statistics, which is neither. It’s a mathematical science, similar to the science of calculus, originally called infinitesimal calculus or “the calculus of infinitesimals”, which is […]

Magazine Size Limits are an INFRINGEMENT

This if for everyone who supports magazine size limits of any kind:×480.mp4 When bad guys are on drugs, even if it’s just their own sky-rocket adrenaline, one shot will NOT stop them. Even shots may NOT stop them. It certainly WON’T stop two or more of them. As one of the good guys and […]

National Popular Vote: Grounds for Civil War

This isn’t another “why the Electoral College” video. It unveils just how MASSIVELY the NPV can skew the presidential election. In fact, 11 states control more than half of all electoral votes in the United States. Fortunately, at least two of those states, sometimes four, vote red. The NVP, however, removes natural, by-district resistance to […]