The True Cost of AOC’s Green New Deal

The Power is in the People who will vote her out of office because she’s a JOKE. She claims to have an economics degree, cum laude no less, yet can’t for the life of her figure out where the MASSIVE funds will come from. Heck, she can’t even do basic math. Follow me, everyone:9.4 million […]

Gun Ownership by State

Percentage of residents who own a firearm, from this CBS news article. DE             5.2 RI             5.8 NY           10.3 NJ           11.3 NH           14.4 CT           16.6 OH           19.5 NE           19.8 CA           19.8 MD           20.7 MA           22.6 ME           22.6 DC           25.9 IL           26.2 OR […]

On Vaccinations

I only partially agree with Joshua Nerius’ complaint about his mom not vaccinating him as a child: “The science on this has been settled. It’s been solved. When I look at where we are today, with people who are willfully deciding to ignore the facts, it really frustrates me,” Nerius said. “I just don’t understand […]

Una Rondine Al Nido

De Crescenzo’s Una Rondine al Nido (A Swallow at Nest) is one of the most beautiful operatic pieces ever composed and sung. When you understand the words, it becomes one of the saddest pieces, as well. Farewell, my love. I will forever miss you.

The Ambien Page

Please read the Medical Disclaimer before preceding. While I am not any sort of medical professional, I am something of a scientist. I do have two science degrees, one at the undergraduate level and a masters. They may be in business, but I did graduate summa cum laude, mainly because I read everything I could […]

Why Socialism ALWAYS Fails

Venezuelan shopkeeper before and after socialism. Hey, it would greatly curb obesity! This is what happens when a society fails to learn the lessons of the past i.e. history. They repeat it, much to their own detriment. Socialism has never worked, and Venezuelans are finding this out the hard way. I really do NOT want […]

Green New Deal text by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

As seen in the original PDF version introduced in the House on February 7, 2019. 116TH CONGRESS1ST SESSION H. RES. ____ Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green NewDeal. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESMs. OCASIO-CORTEZ submitted the following resolution; which was referred tothe Committee on ______RESOLUTIONRecognizing the duty of the Federal […]