COVID-19 Decontamination Procedures

Perspective: Ebola (EVD) kills between 25% and 90% (mean of 50%) of those who contract it. COVID-19 kills between 2% and 12.3% (mean of 7.2%) of those who contract it. Influenza kills 0.07% of those who contract it. Thus, the following statements are true: Ebola (EVD) is 7 times more deadly than COVID-19 COVID-19 is […]

COVID-19 Timeline

EARLY DATES December 10. Earliest known Chinese patient starts feeling ill. December 27. Wuhan health officials are told of coronavirus causing the illness. December 30. A top directorate Wuhan Central Hospital post information on the virus. She was reprimanded and has not been heard from. December 31. health officials confirmed 27 cases and close a […]

USS Roosevelt COVID-19 Proposal: Camp the Navy

I understand the Navy’s Top Brass are already on this, and good for them. Commendable. If I were Captain for a day, I’d teach those sailors how to camp. Seriously, turn most of the deck space into an open-air encampment. First, masks: Give each and every sailor aboard the Roosevelt two 100% cotton, washable surgical […]

INSURRECTION by Anti-American Government Officials

I, for one, am sick an tired of governmental insurrection. This occurs when legislators, executives and judges who neither understand nor respect the Constitution for the United States of America propose, pass and enforce legislation as well as executive and judicial orders which VIOLATE the Supreme Law of Our Land. It’s high time we ENFORCE […]

Charting our Course Through COVID-19

HEADLINES: Hawley Calls for ‘Full, International Investigation’ into China’s Coronavirus Coverup Charting a course through COVID-19 isn’t nearly as difficult as people think. It’s an issue of medical logistics, personal restraint and proper, Constitutionally-based governmental management. Senator Hawley, however, wants us all to act like fifth graders, play the blame game, and rattle their cage […]

I advise extreme caution on First Person Defender videos

A good friend posted the following video online: I’ve had considerable heartburn with these videos. While they’re well done from a production standpoint, including some good safety gear, I see so many flaws inconsistent with my ow 45 years of firearms training and experience, 20+ years of armed military experience, and decades of self-defense training […]

How I Roll Online or ‘Solid Journalism in a World Full of Crap’

Solid journalism is not readily apparent. A number of people have questioned how I arrive at my opinions. Apparently, they’re seeing the end results where I’m furiously posting links, my opinion, and more links at the end of my day, and can’t believe I’m taking any time at all to verify anything. In reality, I’ll […]