U.N Gun Ban Treaty is ILLEGAL — Neither Obama nor Clinton Have The Authority

There was a lot of talk this year about the dreaded U.N. Gun Ban Treaty.  This year it was in the guise of a “UN Conference on Arms Trade Treaty,” 2-27 July 2012, commensurate with its long-standing push to rid the world of privately-owned firearms, as undeniably indicated by the very large statue near the entrance to the United Nations building in New York, NY.  That revolver has its barrel tied in a knot, like so:

Furthermore, as one rather astute blogger noticed, “One such working draft of possible treaty language, dated July 14, 2012, tried to assuage the concerns of gun rights proponents … that the treaty would interfere with their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. It did so by affirming in its preamble “the sovereign right of States to determine any regulation of internal transfers of arms and national ownership exclusively within their territory, including through national constitutional protections on private ownership.””  This blogger observes “The problem is that preambles have no binding legal effect in a treaty or a contract.  Thus, the disclaimer is legally meaningless. What counts are the operative provisions within the body of the document.”

Six years ago, the United Nations tried similar tactics by posting two disclaimers, still on their website here, and here, in which they claimed there is no agenda to deny law-abiding citizens the right to bear arms, that they’re not negotiating any sort of treaty (like the one Hillary Clinton and Obama just signed), that the U.N. has neither jurisdiction over the states nor any interest in compelling them to abide by their “treaty.”

Put simply, the United Nations has been lying their butts off.  It’s one of the many reasons I fully support their immediate removal from U.S. soil, and our immediate withdrawal from their ranks.  Their efforts are hell-bent on undermining our Constitution.  As such, they are our foreign enemy.

This summer, immediately following the conference, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton eagerly took the U.N. resolutions to Congress and said, “See?  The world is in agreement!  Can we sign it now?” to which Congress not only said “No,” but effectively told the dynamic duo “HELL NO!”

So, what did Obama and Clinton do in response?  They signed it anyway, without Congressional approval as is required by our Constitution, and therefore without any Constitutional authority whatsoever:

“He [the President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…” – U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 2

So, no problem, right?  I mean if they didn’t have the authority to sign it, it’s not binding, right?

Well, legally speaking it’s not binding.  Then again, Obama has committed a number of high crimes and misdemeanors while in office, including running for election, not once, but twice, even after he admitted in public and before live video cameras (see the video, here) that he’s not an American, wasn’t born in Hawaii, and is from Kenya.  He has signed more Executive Orders than all his predecessors combined, and some of those E.O.’s grant himself various authorities which are neither his to grant, nor posses, at least according to our Constitution.

You see, the problem is two-fold.  First, Obama the “Constitutional Scholar” neither respects nor follows our Constitution.  Forget the fact that it’s the law of our land, and violating it is a crime.  He doesn’t care because of the second part of the problem:  Congress refuses to act on it.  When I asked John Boehner’s office last week, one of his staff members told me, “We’re not going to launch impeachment proceedings because we don’t have a 2/3 consensus.  It would just look foolish.”

So, America, we’re allowing a known criminal to remain in the highest office of our land because Congressmen are afraid of looking foolish.


Whatever happened to doing the right thing, regardless of the way it looked?  What if Sgt. York stayed in the trenches because he may have thought popping up and doing battle with the enemy with his expert marksmanship and fighting skills “looked foolish?”  What if General Eisenhower decided to scrap D-Day because he thought a full-scale invasion of the European mainland “looked foolish?”  What if George Washington refused to cross the Delaware River at night because he thought going against crack German mercenaries with a war-weary bunch of rag-tag troops “looked foolish?”

What Congress fails to realize is that their actions, based on their fear of looking foolish, actually looks shameful.  I would much rather look like a fool doing the right thing than look shameful because I could have done something but instead chose to do nothing.

Congress, it’s time you stop being concerned about how you look, and start being concerned about doing what’s right for our country.  We have a criminal in our White House, and by his own admission he’s not even eligible to be there in the first place.

People, write your Congressmen!  Do not “respectfully request” they look into the matter.  They already have, and they’re refusing to take the appropriate action.

Instead, write them and demand they take the appropriate action.  Let them know the only appropriate action is to immediately convene impeachment proceedings, preferably before January rolls around.  It’s not like there’s a lack of evidence!  If Obama’s not eligible, then he’s not eligible, and by his own admission he is not eligible to run for the office of the President, much less sit in the White House.

Bonus:  The People didn’t elect Biden.  They elected Obama-Biden.  If Obama is removed now, Biden will have no claim to the office.  He will either have to capitulate to Romney, or we’ll have another election, Biden against Romney.

Let’s see them try to win that one…

In The End Times, We’re Still Saved By Grace, Through Faith

It may very well be the beginning of the end times.  I actually find a lot of comfort in that, not because I look forward to it, but because in spite of it I know where I, my son, and my ex stand with God.  Thus, no matter what happens, we are temporal here on this Earth, passing away sooner or later, but will reign with God forever.

That doesn’t keep me from fighting against it, though.  A lot of the Jews didn’t resist socialistic oppression and mass genocide common to socialism during WWII because they honestly believed the prophesied Messiah would rescue them.  When that didn’t happen, a large percentage of the survivors left the faith.

I believe our trust, hope, and faith in God should be as if everything were up to him, but that we need to fight as if everything is up to us.  That’s what David did, and God made him the head of all clans which followed!  The human side of Jesus descended from his line, as well.

Sorry, Islam, but illegitimate children such as Ishmael do NOT carry God’s covenant.  The proper lineage is Abraham (via his wife Sarah) … David … Jesus:

“And Abraham said to God, “If only Ishmael might live under your blessing!”  Then God said, “Yes, but your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac.  I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him.  And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation.  But my covenant I will establish with Isaac, whom Sarah will bear to you by this time next year.” – Genesis 17:18-21

Ishmael’s mother was Hagar, who was not Abraham’s wife.  Hagar was Sarah’s handmaiden.  So, no dice — God did not establish his covenant through Ishmael.

Don’t go around wailing, gnashing your teeth, and killing people, though, as I’m not descended from them, either.  Most Christians are adopted into the Christian faith.  We become sons of God, brothers with Christ, not because of our lineage, or anything we’ve done, but because of God’s invitation all all peoples from all nations, an invitation made possible by the ultimate sacrifice for sin, a sacrifice good for all time, that of Jesus’ death on the Cross.  Our ONLY action is accepting God’s invitation, in faith of His plan for our lives.  “Ye are saved by grace, through faith.”

God’s grace, our faith.  It’s that simple.

Obama Admits His Ineligibility to be U.S. President

Yes, folks, it’s true.  Either in 2010, or some time before, before a live audience, and on camera no less, Obama Admits His Ineligibility to be U.S. President.  Specifically, he made the following statement:

First of all, it’s true, I’m not an American.  I was not born in Hawaii.  I was not born in the United States of America.  I come from Kenya.”

Don’t believe me?  Watch the video (from 8 seconds on).

Our Constitution is quite clear on the requirements for presidency:  “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President…”Article II, Section 1.

Open Letter from We the People

We the People of the United States of America have serious grievances against Barack Hussein Obama.  These grievances range from his own self-admitted ineligibility for the office of the Presidency to the many high crimes (felonies) and misdemeanors he and those he has appointed have committed while in office, most of which are grossly un-Constitutional, and several of which have directly or indirectly resulted in the unlawful deaths of Americans both at home and abroad.

This letter requires action from all of us.  A fellow patriot put this letter together for all of us to distribute on our blogs,Facebook walls, e-mail and mailing lists, and to send to your elected representatives at both the State and Federal levels via e-mail, fax or snail mail. Tweet a link to this page, along with terms such as “Obama impeachment.”  Forward it to your local and national news agencies, demanding they cover the story.

Together we can make a difference. So lets get it done!

To Whom It May Concern:

We The People find ourselves in a very uncomfortable place and we look to you as the representatives of our country for the answers we seek. Please know that there are many millions who share these feelings, and if the elections had been conducted in a fair and non-fraudulent manner, the results would have reflected our concerns.  Below, you will find a collaborative list of questions, and we would greatly appreciate receiving your answers in a timely manner. We will make our decisions accordingly, as this is still the land of the free, and our country’s future is at stake.

Why with wide-spread voter fraud, can this election not be contested? Why are we bound to an agreement reached in 1981?

On Benghazi:

Why were security teams actually removed in the months and weeks leading up to 9/11 when the violence was escalating and the people on the ground said more was needed?
We can prove Obama had knowledge of the attack, as well as the resources to send for protection but he still denied vital help. These are impeachable offenses. What is your stance on this? Do you agree that this President needs to be impeached? What are you doing about Benghazi?

Regarding Obamacare:

There is so much that is being enacted behind closed doors. We request that there be no more secrets. We should be able to know the stipulations in their entirety and We the People should be able to vote on it. We need the specifics. The doctors have no idea how they will be paid/reimbursed after January. The hospitals are flying blind, unsure of what they will be fined for. It is hard to run a business, as many know, without a business plan. Do the States have the right to reject Obamacare? We need specifics about ALL taxes we will incur, including 1% on every banking transaction on all bank accounts. We also require specifics on the Over 70 Group.

Concerning our Military:

How do you feel about Obama firing 20,000 Marines so he can give $6 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to Muslims for ‘green’ energy’? What accountability does this President have? How about the debt ceiling? Raising it will give this Administration more funds to waste on our demise. Is the House going to hold true to their promises?

The FCC is directed by five commissioners who are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. This is a serious problem, as you know. Do states have the right to secede, as Texas is in process of attempting to do now?
Finally, we have condensed the list of grievances down to those we feel are most important and would like answers to the following, as to what is being DONE to remedy these atrocities in our country.

Dept. Of Interior, Green Energy Fraud…. what is being done here?

Fast and Furious- what is being done about this? Gun running?

Seal Team 6 shot down
College transcripts of Barack Hussein Obama
Record number of Generals, Admirals retired.
Give-away of Alaska lands to Russia
Retirement of 20,0000 marines
Give away of drilling rights in the Gulf
Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the White House
Hamas training bases on the border
Surrender of sovereign lands in Arizona to drug Cartels
Drone attacks on American Citizens, arrests of our troops on the battlefield for taking out targets of opportunity to appease host Muslim nations…. and the lies about Libya during the NATO operation…

Why do we have a Taliban lawyer in the Justice Dept?
NDAA, and the UN making decisions AGAINST the U.S. Constitution, most notably with the NDAA’s “indefinite detention of U.S. citizens” in violation of Constitutionally-mandated due process of law and the U.N.’s Gun Ban Treaty, a direct violation of our 2nd Amendment rights.
The use of the Foreign Desk to buy our own debt to generate fees for Goldman Sachs.

What is the status of this process?  Why has Congress refused to bring charges against the criminal currently sitting in the White House?  Why would we let anyone like Obama get away with committing such a large number of high crimes and misdemeanors, most notably of which was his lying about his country of birth, a fact which he later admitted, in public“First of all, it’s true, I’m not an American.  I was not born in Hawaii.  I was not born in the United States of America.  I come from Kenya.” – President Barack Hussein Obama, shortly after he was elected in 2008 (short link:  http://youtu.be/edyJ4oS8kz0).  This self-admitted fact alone is a gross violation of the Constitutionally-mandated requirement to be President of the United States of America and grounds for immediate removal from office:  “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President…”Article II, Section 1.

I realize this is a lengthy list. However, it does not even cover an eighth of our concerns, and was difficult to condense. This will be widely publicized, along with your response.

The American people need and deserve answers, and we would appreciate you taking the time to give them to us. We ask, however, that your responses be clear and concise, and that you spare us from a long drawn out diatribe that has little to do with the questions being asked, as we will take that as you do not think we are important enough to take seriously, and act accordingly with our support!

By the way, Speaker Boehner, having your flunkies hang up on me mid-sentence when I called your office to ask you or your staff just one of these questions is totally unacceptable.

Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter! We believe that you take these issues as seriously as we do, and for that, you have our deep respect and heartfelt gratitude.

The American People

A bit about Code-Breaking… Encryption Theory 101

Recently, the skeleton of a carrier pigeon was found in a chimney in Surrey, England, with a message canister still attached.  The canister contained an encoded message of 27 groups of five letters, that has “stumped” code-breaking experts.  Here’s a link to the article.

It’ll never be cracked.

It’s not that today’s code-breakers aren’t up to speed, or that the codes of WWII were that sophisticated.  It’s that the key space exceeds the message space.

This type of code is almost certainly a substitution cypher.  In other words, each group of five letters is probably a simple substitution cypher, in that each letter is a substitution for a different letter.  Substitution cyphers could be changed on a regular basis, even daily, by agents in the field, using information contained in dates and a simple algorithm.  As they can be cracked using statistics, particularly when the message is long enough, it’s only intention would be to have hidden what lay beneath.  The good news is that if what’s underneath is gobbledygook, it can’t be cracked by statistical means.

But that’s not why this will never be cracked.  If the only thing at play here were a simple substitution cypher, any laptop could crack it in minutes, if not seconds.  However, if the underlying message is itself scrambled in a different manner, the NSA’s best supercomputer could work on it for decades and find nothing but gobbledygook.

In addition to the substitution, the encryption almost certainly includes transposition algorithms, again, capable of being memorized by agents in the field.  These would be more complex, however, and would probably not have been tied to dates.  These transposition algorithms may very well have been agent-specific, meaning that if any individual agent was compromised, messages encoded by other agents would have remained safe.  This is not unlike modern RPK systems, whereby each individual has a public key they share with others to encrypt messages, only the intended recipient’s private key can decrypt them.  RPK systems are most widely used in securing e-mail.

But that’s not why this will never be cracked!  A third layer of encryption again goes back to substitution, but it’s not a substitution cypher.  Instead, it involves the use of code words, such as using “apple” instead of “Arnheim,” or “to” instead of “from.”  Thus, “Sally sells seashells by the seashore” might initially be encoded as “horses run planters under the stars.”  Contrary to popular misconception, no supercomputer in the world can decode this simple use of codewords, not without a boatload of additional information, including a bunch of other similarly-encoded messages and loads of historical operational data.  As with the substitution cypher portion, each agent probably had his or her own “dictionary,” that set of tables or code book with which they encoded the message and substitution cyphers.

Naturally, all of this becomes incredibly complicated back home, except for one thing:  They had ways of knowing which agent sent the message.  That may have been something as simple as an apparently random set of letters in, say, the 13th block, which may have been “siuev” three weeks ago, but has rotated every week, perhaps by one letter in the first digit, three letters in the second, two in the third, five in fourth, and four in the fifth, so that this week the 13th block reads “uoicd.”  Next month, all agents might be using the 11th block.  Who knows?  The folks at Bletchley Park knew.

The reason this worked so well is quite simple:  If each agent in the field has their own code book, transposition algorithm, and substitution cypher, it would have taken the best cryptologists months, if not years, to decode the message, and only then if they also had both the operational data and were able to make the suspected agent talk.  Yet an agent capable of decent memorization could learn these techniques, including their personal substitution cypher and code book in a week or two of intensive study.

So, the next time you see some secret agent at the movies crack a code in minutes with a computer, remember this:  “If the algorithm is unknown, it can’t be cracked,” as well as it’s corollary:  “Even if the algorithm is known, provided the key space is larger than the message, it can’t be cracked.”  And by “can’t” I don’t mean “in a reasonable period of time.”  I mean “ever.”

Some of you may be wondering, “How can I encode my messages today?”  Well, you can either invent your own encoding algorithm, which might be fun, but unless you’re an expert, will probably not be very secure.  Alternatively, some third-party e-mail systems such as Mozilla’s Firefox (my favorite) have third-party plugins such as Enigmail which do a fair job of securing your messages from prying eyes.  Enigmail uses triple-DES, which is decent, but child’s play for the NSA computers due to some inherent flaws in the DES standard.  Thunderbird also includes the ability to use certificates for both authentication and encryption, which is good enough for securing corporate communications, and the latest versions include the ability to use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).  If implemented properly, the security is on par with that used by the DoD for material up to and including Top Secret.

Heart Attack! Save a Life – Know how to use an Automated External Defibrilator (AED)

Without going into the statistics, millions of people, both men and women, suffer from a heart attack every year.  You do NOT need to be “CPR-certified” to help save their lives!  That’s a misnomer, one which might very well cost them their lives if you’re too afraid to act.

Automated External Defibrilator
Automated External Defibrilator

Whether you choose to do CPR, use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), or merely call 911, the most important thing you can do is to DO SOMETHING.  If you choose to do nothing, regardless of the reason whether it’s fear of hurting them or fear of legal liability, remember this:  You still have made a choice.  It’s the poorest choice you could make, but it was your choice to make, and you made it, so you’ll still have to live with the consequences.

Here’s a better choice:  Watch this short video!  It takes you through the basics of approaching a heat attack victim, calling 911 if you discover they’re not responding or breathing correctly, and shows you how easy it is to use an AED.

Remember:  Do SOMETHING!  Help save a life!

Quick LaTeX

I’ve added a new plugin which allows me to display math symbols and graphs.  Walla!

At first, we sample $f(x)$ in the $N$ ($N$ is odd) equidistant points around $x^*$:
f_k = f(x_k),\: x_k = x^*+kh,\: k=-\frac{N-1}{2},\dots,\frac{N-1}{2}
where $h$ is some step.
Then we interpolate points $\{(x_k,f_k)\}$ by polynomial
\begin{equation} \label{eq:poly}
Its coefficients $\{a_j\}$ are found as a solution of system of linear equations:
\begin{equation} \label{eq:sys}
\left\{ P_{N-1}(x_k) = f_k\right\},\quad k=-\frac{N-1}{2},\dots,\frac{N-1}{2}
Here are references to existing equations: (\ref{eq:poly}), (\ref{eq:sys}).
Here is reference to non-existing equation (\ref{eq:unknown}).

\quicklatex{color=”#00ff00″ size=25}

\addplot3[surf,domain=0:360,samples=40] {cos(1.77245385*x)*sin(1.46459188*y)};