How To Infiltrate Demoncrap Networks and Get Them to See Reason

Yes, it’s a HUGE uphill challenge.  Most Demoncraps have been inundated with contrived news stories, tons of well-crafted lies, and volumes of misinformation from their primary brain-sucking news feeds for so long they’re no longer able to separate the chaff from the wheat, able to recognize right from wrong, what’s factual from what’s pure donkey kong, etc.
Then again, they just might be idiots.
It’s time to infiltrate the anti-American idiot’s network, and bring them down. Sign up, but please do NOT use your FB logon creds… That would require a facepalm! Instead, pick some names out of the phone book, a first name here, a last name at least several pages distant, and create a completely fictitious e-mail address (most e-mail addresses are, in fact, not representative of anyone’s actual name nor any part thereof). Then, sign up with that.
Once you’re in, post comments like, “Ok, I hear what you’re saying about X, but what about Y and Z? I mean, both Y and Z are established facts. We can’t exactly toss them out the window just because we’re trying to shove X down America’s throat, can we?”
By doing so, you imply camaraderie with the individual’s support for X (which is often largely fictitious) but are expressing genuine concern about real issues Y and Z, hopefully posted with links, which force them to read something about Y and Z, preferably from a politically neutral site, until such time as they either blink three times and realize, “Oh,” or they fall short and relapse into troglodyte “to hell with Y and Z!” fashion.
If you reach one of the “Too hell with”-ers, leave them be. As Don Quixote noted quite well, it’s like tilting against windmills.  They’re not worth your time or effort.  If you’re on FB, BLOCK them.  If you’re on a vBulletin site, put them on “ignore.”  You don’t have to advertise the fact, even though I did go so far as to put, “Ignore status:  x, y, and z” just so that those on ignore would get it, along with everyone else.
But if you reach someone what pulls up short with an, “Oh,” then you’ve come across a thinker, someone in the Demoncrap party who actually has a brain, but who has until this time simply been so absorbed into the Demoncrap pipeline, such as their 92.06% cornering of the news market such that no real, objective news ever gets through.
But you’ve managed to reach them with a bit of reality, on the Internet, via a message forum, discussion board, whatever.
Now’s the time to repeat the somewhat diminutive approach of trying to appeal to what’s left of their intellect without offending them into a full-on offensive mind-closed response such as we saw when Demoncraps galore were stealing (or trying to steal) Trump signs out people’s front yards.
Believe it or not, I find Demoncraps actually respond far better to this line of inquiry than any sort of direct confrontation that gives them an out by being able to label you as a “conservative,” “Trump-lover,” “Republican,” etc. HOWEVER, as long as you don’t cross their intellectual threshold and can actually remain “inside their reaction line,” you have a FAR greater probability of emotional and political impact than if they identify you as an outsider to the point where they cut you (and your input) off altogether.
So, when you’re signing up for these groups, please take the time to fill out your profile with comments like, “I’ve voted for every Democrat candidate since Roosevelt. The second one.” No, don’t use that one, it’s mine. 🙂
And sadly, many Demoncraps are far too gone having been sucked into the idealisms and lies of the Demoncrap party to ever see the light of reason.  I would name names like “Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton,” and many others, but to be honest, Demoncraps don’t have any sort of hold on wrongdoing within our federal government.  Countless Independents and Republicans have ABUSED their position the same as have the aforementioned names.

There are dozens of websites out there offering absolutely objective oversight given the fact that they apparently hate everyone.  Again, you’re going to have to sift through the chaff and the wheat, but at least with these websites, you HAVE chaff through which you can sift, unlike through mudstream media’s usual “slant the hell out of it” news stream.

By the way, here’s the Demoncrap Underground website from which more than half of this shit is festering like a damned wound.  Dive in, right the wrongs, and let’s nuke this propaganda shit clean off Mother Earth in it’s entirety.

Anti-Trumpers Are Knuckle-Dragging Obstructionists

Trump blasts the LYING media as obstructionists.  He never derided all media.
If you’re getting your anti-Trump sentiments from mainstream media, you just might be an idiot. At the very least, you’re grossly misinformed. For example, this morning, Yahoo! “News” claimed that Donald Trump slammed the Constitution, calling it ‘archaic.’
Nope. That’s disinformation. It’s propaganda. Pure lies. That is NOT what Trump said – AT ALL.
To find out what he actually said on Fox news I did an amazing thing. Ingenious, really. I headed over to Fox news and actually *GASP!* watched the video. You should try it, sometime, instead of gulping the first swill you find on your first click before chucking your spear where they tell you.
It’s called “confirmation,” and as it turns out, there, libtards, Demoncraps, and anti-Trumpers, it’s been around for a long, long time, possibly as long as 10,000 years. You see, before we learned to confirm the facts, every time Ug thought Og had slighted him in some way, Ug shoved a spear through Og’s chest.
That’s precisely what you antis are doing to Trump. You’re acting like knuckle-draggers, biting off on the first bit of information you hear and swallowing it hook, line, and sinker before acting on it, chucking a spear through Trump’s chest.
Here’s a thought: Stop it. Grow a brain.  And YES, this most certainly applies to all obstructionist members of Congress and the Supreme Court, as well as mainstream media.  Who’s bringing down our country?  You are.
What Trump slammed was the mainstream media, along with Demoncraps in Congress, calling both “obstructionist.” As clearly evidenced by his Supreme Court nomination — picked by Trump because Neil Gorsuch actually is a Constitutionalist — Trump fully supports the Constitution.  Trump may not like the media’s lies, but he supports their Constitutional right to whine like the babies they are.  Gorsuch slid through both parties with a 100% vote when he was appointed as a Federal judge. Demoncraps had zero objections. Gorsuch didn’t change. The Demoncraps are simply being obstructionists, whiny little children who, because they can’t have their way, they’re making it difficult for everyone else around them, even if it means spoiling the whole vacation, er, country.
Those of you who continue to regurgitate mainstream media news picking apart Trump are ALSO whiny little children who, because you can’t have your way, you’re making it difficult for everyone else around them, even if it means spoiling the whole vacation, er, country.
You, too, are obstructionists, and for no good reason whatsoever.  You’re idiots, and no, the lies that you’ve been spoon-fed by the mainstream media are not a good reason for your very bad, childish behavior.
GROW UP. You are ADULTS, or at least you’re supposed to be.

Why Playing Minecraft Is Good For You – Even As An Adult

Many parents think games like Minecraft are a complete waste of time.  As a retired Air Force officer and aviator, and having been an engineer, an accountant, a salesman, a systems analyst, a database developer, and now well into my (hopefully) final career as an author (novelist), I can see both the downsides as well as the benefits of letting your kids loose on Minecraft.

You see, even at age 53, I’m a Minecraft player, too.  🙂

It all began six years ago, when my son, who was 11, said he wanted a laptop.   He had crafted a few good reasons why, but the moment he said, “Mom’s computer is too slow,” I knew right then that he was going to use it to play games.  I have no absolute objection to playing games.  After all, I played computer games, beginning with Pong.  PongBefore that, we had pinball and literally hundreds of other mechanical arcade games.  Looking back through history, it seems like humans have long developed a knack for keeping both their bodies and their brains occupied when they weren’t either gathering food, crafting various items used for survival and enjoyment, or waging war.  As for me, I grew up riding bicycles, playing kick the can, hide and seek, soccer, swimming, football, chess, and reading lots and lots of magazines and books.  And Batman.  Even though I knew it was corny way back then, I still watched Batman, along with Gilligan’s Island, Star Trek, and Emergency.

Buying my first computer in 1986 opened up the world of PC gaming, including flight simulators, hacked versions of old Atari arcade video games, card games, a DOS-based version of Monopoly (very cool), and… coding.  You might not think of programming as a “game,” but to me, it was indeed a game.

In fact, I learned how to get my computer, a Wyse PC+, to sit up and beg.

Wyse PC+The computer came with two 360k floppy drives.  After a frustrating month of swapping floppies in and out every time my two-floppy word processor wanted to save data to my data floppy, I replace one of the floppies with a Seagate 30 MB hard drive that used RLL technology.

“Specifically, RLL bounds the length of stretches (runs) of repeated bits during which the signal does not change. If the runs are too long, clock recovery is difficult; if they are too short, the high frequencies might be attenuated by the communications channel. By modulating the data, RLL reduces the timing uncertainty in decoding the stored data, which would lead to the possible erroneous insertion or removal of bits when reading the data back. Run-length-limited codes were widely used in hard disk drives until the mid-1980s and are still used in digital optical discs such as CD, DVD, MD, Hi-MD and Blu-ray. This mechanism ensures that the boundaries between bits can always be accurately found (preventing bit slip), while efficiently using the media to reliably store the maximal amount of data in a given space.”  (Source)

I observed that the initial interleave was set to 5 in order for the hard drive to reliably work in the original IBM PC, with its Intel 8088 processor running at 4.77 Mhz.  My computer, however, had an Intel 8088 processor that ran at 9.54 Mhz, twice that of the original IBM PC, even then it was less than half as thick.  In fact, it fit very nicely into my suitcase, surrounded by soft, cushioning clothes.  All I needed at my destination was a monitor…

By changing my computer’s clock rate just a few percent, I was able to re-interleave the hard drive using Spinrite, originally written as a hard drive interleave tool, from 5 to 4, resulting in a noticeable 25% performance improvement.  With some tweaking, I managed to push the clock rate just enough to achieve a interleave factor of 3, resulting in a theoretical 67% performance improvement, although testing revealed about a 30% miss rate, resulting in an effective interleave factor of 3 for 70% of the time and 4 for 30% of the time.  The net effective performance improvement was 54%, as both calculated and measured.

That’s a win.  🙂

I also tinkered with pretty much all other aspects of my computer, including the graphics card, the fan, I/O devices, installing first a used 300 baud modem, then later, a new 2400 baud modem, and eBBS software, which annoyed my roommates to no end before I bought a second phone line I really couldn’t afford.  But the eBBS software brought me into the world of programming, even though I’d taken a mainframe Fortran course (WATFIV) two years earlier.  I learned a PC version of Fortran, pretty much mastered GWBasic, and tinkered with Pascal.  I also learned all — and I do mean ALL — of the commands of DOS so thoroughly that I rarely needed anything more than my rapidly growing collection of batch programs to tackle any problem with either my own or my friends’ computers.  That, a vacuum cleaner, some electrical contact cleaner and Q-Tips, and my copy of Spinrite would fix 90% of people’s PC problems.

So, to be honest, all this actually began about 31 years ago.

But I digress…

In buying my son a laptop, I was hoping he would follow suite, first learning to tweak his own system, then learning some programming so that he could modify his own IT world.

He found a better way — well, a different way — to occupy his time and train his mind.

In reality, aside from changing a few of Windows’ invasive privacy settings while avoiding malware like the plague, there’s not a lot of tweaking one can do these days.  Instead, a little more than a year after getting his laptop, he called me up because he wanted to show me his cool new game, “Minecraft.”  The problem was, he was in California with his Mom whereas I lived in Colorado.

No problem.  Whoever had lead him to Minecraft had also shown him how to use LogMeIn Hamachi so that we could establish a virtual LAN through the Internet.  One that was established, I simply watched him play Minecraft through a remote access window on my own computer while listening to him describe it.


It wasn’t until more than a year later, however, during one of his summer visits, that I actually broke down and spent the $26.95 to buy a copy of Minecraft for my own machine.  He was enjoying it so much, kept showing me the worlds he was building, and kept asking me to get a copy so that we could play together over my LAN.  He pointed out that we would also be able to play together over the Internet, using LogMeIn.

Well, that settled it.  Ever since his mom left when he was only five, I’ve busted down every door and barrier that arose in order to spend time with my son.  Long gone are the days when fathers weren’t an integral part of the development of their children. These days, fathers change diapers, co-sleep, bottle-feed, play with, nurture, comfort, encourage, guide, teach, and otherwise spend a great deal of time with their 0-23 month-olds, helping answer their question of, “Can I trust the world?” with a resounding, “YES — with caution.” I was the one who helped my son learn how to navigate a jungle gym without slipping and hurting himself, beginning at just four months.  He was an early crawler. I was the one who put the double papasan cushion on the floor and let him crawl all over me, catching him when he fell off — but only until he could catch himself, or learned how to take a tumble. I was the one who helped him learn that playing with spiders was a no-no, particularly the black ones with the red hourglass on their bellies. I was the one who… You get my drift. The idea that only “Mother” should be the only one considered in the “Significant Relationship” block of Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development is steeped in 18th century stoicism.   In fact, it’s rarely been the case either throughout history or throughout the world, and certainly isn’t the normative case today.  We Dads love our kids.  🙂

Which is why I agreed to join my son on this journey known as Minecraft.  That and the fact that I was laid up following ankle surgery with nothing to do but recover for the next three weeks while my son stayed with me finishing up his summer visitation.

It took me a few seconds to learn the basic controls, a few minutes to get to the point where I could go where I wanted, and a few hours to learn there were realistic dangers like gravity and a bunch of partially realistic dangers known as “mobs.”  A few days later I was more helpful than not, and after a couple of weeks, I was working alongside my son digging for ores, processing them, chopping down trees, hunting for food, farming, and building strange, wonderful, and fun structures.

I didn’t start taking screenshots until after he left for the summer and I had another three weeks convalescing.  I really didn’t want to spend any time time mindlessly watching TV, but just writing seemed a bit boring.  So, I spent my time in Minecraft.  A LOT of time.

Here’s one of my earlier creations, in the distance, finished by the end of the summer in 2013.  It’s a house designed to look like an Imperial walker.  It comes complete with a helipad, fireplace, and interior pool.  It’s also connected to the horse barn through an underground passageway beset with traps for the unwary, heh-heh…  In the foreground you see the 2014 beginnings of some rather large castle grounds.

Dad's Castle Grounds

In the next screenshot, you’ll see my Skycastle, created on one of my favorite servers set to hard mode.  It was difficult enough to merely survive in this environment, much less build.  I built this during the winter of 2013-2014.  Up there are complete quarters, lookouts in all directions, flowing stream, full ore processing stations, an anvil, a potions stand, and enough wheat, carrots, and potatoes to keep me fed forever.

Well, the Minecraft “me,” anyway.


During this time, my son didn’t lose sight of his friends, parents, or schooling.  His mom limited his time on his computer, made sure he focused on his studies, and sent him outside to play with his friends on a regular basis.

As for me, between the Fall of 2013, when I began my first masters, and the Spring of 2016, when I finished my second masters, I continued to play Minecraft as a way of constructive relaxation.  During that 2-1/2 years, I doubled up on classes, managing not only to complete two masters degrees, but two concentrations, as well, while maintaining top GPAs so that I graduated at the top of my class.  Between all of the honors, veteran, and other cords, stole, tassel and pins on and around my graduation gown during graduation in Denver, one of my professors jokingly remarked, “Good God!  Overachieve, much?”  I sponded by saying, “What, this stuff?  I got this while playing Minecraft,” which left him somewhat perplexed.

Ah, Minecraft.

Minecraft has an amazing effect on the human brain.  In Minecraft, one is tasked with finding food and shelter while besieged with hunger, mobs, and natural dangers like falling from cliffs, drowning, being crushed while mining, and stumbling into pits of lava.  All of these things can kill you, which on most servers will send you back to your original spawn point, unless you’ve reset that by building and sleeping in a bed, at which point dying will send you to your bed.  That and dying drops all of your stuff, which you must quickly retrieve lest others get it, before the stuff disappears altogether.

But that’s just surviving, the first milestone of Minecraft.  The second milestone is thriving.  Players thrive when they’ve managed to successfully hunt, build self-sustaining farms, process ores into tools, armor, and fun stuff like clocks and maps, all while building some really cool digs (homes) that are good at keeping mobs and the weather out while actually being enjoyable places in which to “live.”

Throughout the game people team up, not only because two hands are better than one, but for companionship and to exchange ideas.  Two people on an adventure of exploration are much more likely to survive, as well.  If one person runs out of food, the other will share.  One person can build a quick shelter against mobs while the other one hunts for food before the sun sets.  Some players are content to gather wood, coal, and various ores while other players have mastered the crafting arts — turning those ores into useful items like tools, armor, and potions.

Some players excel at engineering ingenious traps while others excel at designed various automated structures both for convenience as well as protection.  And some players simply excel at designing really neat structures!  I like to think of these people as the future architects and designers of our world (the real one).

Minecraft both exercises and trains the brain.  In addition to building excellent eye-hand coordination, kids and adults alike learn to prioritize activities.  Faced with real-world hurdles like hunger, shelter, finding supplies, crafting tools, hunting, farming, and storing up harvests for times of plenty, everyone who plays with others online also learns to cooperate with others, coordinating their actions, even collaborating to secure wins in various competitions between sets of players.

Finally, there’s the huge aspect of creativity and innovation.

Minecraft is a relatively clean slate, with realistic boundaries.  Whether a player wants to just have fun sight-seeing, they’re a griefer (destroys the creations of others), they want to build a house, run a farm, or just create fantastic structures and contraptions, they all have the fairly wide-open freedom to create.  One can build simple things, or one can build fantastic structures and contraptions.  People have built everything from replications of their city halls to the Taj Mahal.  This collection shows full-scale recreations like a full-scale Minecraft version of the U.S.S. Missouri (BB-63), to Hogwart’s Quidditch grounds, to a Babylon 5 White Star class advanced warship, to Japan’s Royal Palace to a massive Rube Goldberg machine, to, well, this:

As you can see, literally, the sky is the limit when it comes to Minecraft and creativity.

And if you’re wondering, no, neither Minecraft nor Microsoft paid me a thin red dime to write this article.  I merely wanted to share my lengthy, yet very fun experiences with Minecraft, beginning with a lot of horsing around with my son on various servers, but also including a lot of time I spent honing my Minecraft skills creating various structures and contraptions until…

I really didn’t have much drive to continue.

That’s right:  These days, I rarely play Minecraft.  Like most human endeavors, most Minecraft players reach certain limits of autonomy, mastery, and recognition beyond which it no longer holds much interest.  We’ve moved on to new endeavors.  For me, that’s writing my second novel.  For my son, it was on to more challenging games, but also onto school work in high school, where he’s doing quite well.

So, should we have skipped Minecraft altogether?  Heck no!  By playing Minecraft, I have trained all sorts of areas of my brain in many different ways that a non-Minecraft player has never experienced.  I found it helped me in my two masters programs and both concentrations, primarily by helping me prioritize various elements of team assignments, and think about the ways various elements fit together in three-dimensional representations.  This ability to understand how various elements of a complex situation relate to one another is someone rare, particularly for a 53-year-old.  🙂

Nope.  I wouldn’t trade any of my Minecraft time.  Alas, it’s time for me to take what I’ve learned and move on.  After all, I have a novel to finish, possibly two, and then there’s the matter of finding gainful employment for at least a decade.

Even so, I might pop into one of the old servers from time to time, just to say hello.  🙂

Elizabeth Warren of the Red Herring Tribe vs President Donald J. Trump

Did you know that president wannabe Elizabeth Warren’s maiden name is Herring?
Elizabeth WarrenNo doubt she was a member of the Red Herring tribe.
She’s also a lawyer. The LAST thing America needs in government is yet another damned lawyer.
Lawyers are good at writing law. They are absolutely horrible, however, at fixing things. Writing law very rarely fixes anything. Even after Trump spends four or possibly eight years at the helm, there will always be things that need fixing.
Successful CEOs are good at fixing things, particularly in larger environments with a lot of people where they can resist the temptation to try and fix things themselves. Instead, they’re managers. They manage other people who are either good at fixing things, or in larger corporations, who are also good at surrounding themselves in their own departments with those who are good at fixing things.
All CEOs and other chief officers of a corporation have to be good at fixing things as corporations have many of the same problems as a country. They need to be productive. They need to make a profit, ensuring that income exceeds all expenses. They need to keep their workers healthy, happy, and most importantly, productive. They need to deal with their enemies, both externally and internally. And finally, they need to grow, change, adapt, and even forge new paths through to the future while dodging the complex minefield of the business/international world.
The United States of America is a very big, very complex organization. It is not a corporation, but the set of skills required to successfully run a large, global corporation are the same set of skills requires to successfully run the United States of America.
Donald Trump has those skills.
Elizabeth Warren DOES NOT.
Comparing the two are like comparing One World Trade Center with an outhouse. Both are buildings. Both are fairly narrow, roughly square in shape. Both stand upright on their own. Beyond that, the comparison fails, with Pocahontas taking a back seat — a very distant back seat — to President Donald J. Trump.

ResistBot, Tallies, and other forms of Congressional Bias

To the Honorable Congressman X:
Please be aware that much of the anti-Trump sentiment you may be receiving these days is fake, auto-generated babble produced by a program called, “ResistBot.” When someone wants to send you their negative comment or position about President Trump, but are either too lazy to or incapable of sitting down and composing an actual letter (or person-to-person phone call) using their own brain, complete with a premise supported by relevant facts and a summary conclusion), all they need do is use ResisBot. This phone app begins with, “Hi, I’m ResistBot and I’m going to help you write your officials. First, what name would you like to use to sign your letters?”
The app’s next question is more chilling: “Welcome to the resistance Kate. Nice to meet you. Will you tell me your zip code so I can look up who represents you in Congress?”
The final result looks like a formally typed letter, but with a fairly short message from the young liberal:
“As a young freelance journalist with few opportunities to get healthcare through work, I urge you to keep the ACA intact.”
I’m sure you can see the horrendous problem this represents, Congressman X. Now, instead of receiving self-directed input from those constituents who have taken the time and energy to actually craft their inputs to you, with apps like ResisBot, you’re now being inundated by volumes of 20-second thought-bytes which have not been thought out at all.
This is why I am strongly encouraging you to resist ResistBot.  It gives you the illusion of reality while strongly and grossly distorting input from your constituents.
The fact is that most people rarely bother to call or write their representatives and senators who oppose their political point of view. That has already created huge diversity of input, with liberal members of Congress thinking all their constituents are liberal and the same for conservatives. Any good statistician can easily solve the problem. They simply require all input sent to all members of Congress before they systematically adjust the numbers based on constituent demographics throughout the nation, including which members from which party are more or less likely to voice their opinions. Quite frankly, this is one of the major reasons why “all the polls” indicated Hillary was going to win. It’s caused by a mix of biases, including confirmation, ingroup, neglecting probability, observational selection, negativity, the current moment, and anchoring.
Quite frankly, Congressman X, your office, as are all offices of all government officials, are besieged by bias, and ResistBot has already begun making that much, much worse. It’s creator even says, “What staffers need are tallies,” and it’s entire aim is to screw up your tallies.  Now you will be flooded by input from those constituents who think nothing of grossly distorting your picture of your constituents, so long as they get their way.
If all you’re doing is conducting a simple count of issues and a pro/con/dk tally, you have already succumbed to these biases.
At least for now, ResistBot works by sending electronic faxes, making those inputs appear legit, as if sent from older people who may still be using outmoded fax technology.  The solution is obvious: Simply block the number(s) of ResistBot’s fax server farms. Very soon, however, they may migrate to sending e-mails, at which point you’ll have to screen your inputs by IP address, return e-mail, sent from e-mail, and a number of other means used by spammers.
What are you going to do, Congressman X, when it morphs yet again, to the point where this computer application can call your office directly, and upon detecting a human voice, simply say, “I’m in a bit of a rush, but I just wanted to let you know that I support keeping the ACA alive, thank you, and good-bye…” Are your staffers going to dutifully check the “ACA – pro” box on some tally sheet, thereby giving you the false impression that this was even a real person at all? Or worse, causing you (or many in Congress) to vote one way on an important issue when you should have voted another?
The fundamental problem is that the very act of creating tallies is itself already grossly biased, and while there are ways of partially mitigating some of these biases, many will remain, giving you a false picture of your constituents’ actual positions on various issues across the board. A periodic poll crafted by experts in statistical researchers and analysts would be far more informative, and it would also weed out the opinions of those who refuse to take the time to participate in our Republican government process.
Another good way is to have faith in your voters, that they voted for you because of your historic positions on the issues, and trust you to represent them on that basis alone. They trust you to be smart enough so as not to be swayed by the faxes generated by ResistBot and similar leftist apps, and to instead examine each issue on its own merits and make decisions that are best for our nation as a whole, commensurate with the U.S. Constitution and all lawful legislation following therefrom.

Why the U.S. is a Republic, not a Democracy, and Certainly not Socialism

Dear Liberals and Democrats:
Please take a few moments out of your busy schedules to ponder why our Founding Fathers considered — and rejected — both socialism and democracy, opting instead for a Republic, as written into not only our U.S. Constitution, but the Constitutions of each and every one of the 50 United States in our Union.

If you’re intelligence is at least within the top 80%, you may have pondered until your ponderer was sore, but after a brief respite, you may Wbe ready for more:

Well, that was a long one.  Let’s try this five-minute treatise which covers much the same information.

Or perhaps this one, also by William Cooper, but also just five minutes.

Mass Shootings and Random Acts of Violence

I’ve long been a strong advocate of an armed populace as the best means of self-defense. I also believe it is by far the best deterrent and way to stop both mass shootings and terrorist attacks involving firearms.
Back when I first became interested in the topic of mass shootings, however, there weren’t as many, and at least here in America. It was largely relegated to the occasional insane person run amok. Aside from 9/11, we did not yet have to worry Muslims conducting their own mass shootings in the name of terrorism.
Now we do, and it looks to get a whole lot worse before it ever gets better.
Society has several tools available to deter terrorism and mass shootings:
– Intelligence (costly, even when highly focused)
– – requirements
– – planning and direction
– – collection
– – processing and exploitation
– – analysis and production
– – dissemination
– Security (the physical deterrence and protection of people 
– – Law enforcement (federal, state, county, and local)
– – Personal protection (planning, training, and weapons)
So, should we make it more difficult for people to obtain guns?  Should we reduce magazine capacities?  Increase background checks?  Reduce calibers?  Limit ammunition capability?  Create more “gun-free” zones?  Mandate the use of “smart” guns?  Increase waiting periods?  Ban certain types of firearms based on their appearance or general level of public trepidation?  Put a cop on every street corner?
anti-gun desperation
No.  NONE of these measures has proven effective in either deterring or stopping mass shootings or random acts of violence, and most of them significantly increase the cost of obtaining a firearm to the average law-abiding citizen who seeks protection.
By far the most immediate and most effective deterrent against both mass shootings and random acts of violence, whether the result of insanity or terrorism, is a well-armed general populace comprised of law-abiding U.S. citizens who are both properly armed and well-trained.
The greatest threat to our security comes not from the lunatics and terrorists, but rather, from those second-guessers, the Monday-morning armchair quarterbacks who are NOT well-trained (if at all) yet who for whatever blitheringly idiotic reason feel like they’re *somehow* qualified to force their opinions down the throats of an otherwise free and well-trained general populace, usually in the form of ideas that sound good but either do nothing or actually do more harm than the harm they’re supposed to address.
mass shootingsThroughout history, a well-armed/trained populace has always been the most effective deterrent and counter to mass shootings and random acts of violence.