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Colorado’s Civil Rights Division Prohibits the Free Exercise Thereof

Dear Congressman / Senator X: Colorado’s bakery issue is convoluted. As a technical writer, I’ve unravelled the issue, in the hopes you and others might do something to make it perfectly clear what the First Amendment does and does not protect. Specifically, today’s headlines proclaimed, “The Colorado Civil Rights Division has ruled that a baker […]

Minimum wage hike makes people rich? Wrong.

When people claim raising minimum wage will help everyone, they’re not blind, although perhaps they’re simply unaware or misinformed of the economics behind minimum wage. Sharing a vivid graphic from an obviously biased source is not being objective. Both individuals and business have been reacting to changes in the business/employment economic environment in predictable ways for […]

Obama on Classifying and Declassifying Information

Obama - Declassified

Is Obama authorized to classify and declassify information at will? According to my recollection, the answer to that question would be a very emphatic, “No.”  In fact, I distinctly recall there being some exceptionally good reasons why we would NEVER give such authority to one branch of the government, much less access to the information […]

Ben Carson Holds an Incredible Understanding of World Events

Ben Carson

Heed Netanyahu’s Iran Warnings Wednesday, 11 Mar 2015 10:38 AM By Ben Carson Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed great leadership when delivering his speech to a joint session of Congress regarding America’s potential nuclear deal with Iran. History and our past relations with Netanyahu indicate that the prime minister has earned some trust. No […]

The Armed Militia is Every Citizen – “Everyone who is able”


This is but one of many examples of how libtards attempt to rewrite history.  As I’m normally a student of history, and not an expert, I normally don’t address it.  I am, however, a subject matter expert in this particular area, so I stepped up to the plate to address this with the author.  The editorial in […]

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