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What is Love?

What is love?  The popular song follows with “Baby don’t hurt me,” indicating the love is the opposite of being hurt.  It defines love as a feeling.  If something feels good, it might be love.  If it feels bad, it can’t be love. There’s already a term for that, and it’s called “feelings.”  But feelings […]

The Comcast/Time-Warner Merger is BAD for America

Comcast/Time-Warner merger

Yes, Netflix caved and wound up paying Comcast not to throttle their throughput. Apparently, fighting the Comcast giant would have cost Netflix far more in terms of lost customers.  Link. Who here thinks it’s Comcast who should be throttled? Who here thinks the Comcast/Time-Warner merger is a VERY BAD idea? Who here believes such a […]

Videotaping Police – A Textbook Case

Watch this video, then ask yourself this question:  How many times did the cop lie to the videographer and violate his rights? Those who believe the cop was within his rights are fools, ignorant of state, federal, and Constitutional law, as well as ignorant of various court rulings. The cop was indeed polite, but WRONG […]

Clearing Up the 9/11 World Trade Center Conspiracy

I am sick and tired of all these conspiratorialists and supposed “experts.” This graphic, in light of some basic science, makes it abundantly clear they’re not experts at all. The hothead conspiratorialists at “Architects and Engineers for 9/11″ are just that: hotheads.  Lending credence to the 9/11 World Trade Center Conspiracy violates the professionalism of […]

A Rationalist’s Creed

My tenets of belief makes up my creed.  They are in no particular order. They are, however, the culmination of many elements of my education and experience*, with bits and pieces borrowed from many different philosophies.  I’ll quote them where I can. Do unto others one better.  The Bible says “do unto others as you would […]

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