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The Real State of The Union

Obama is systematically derailing the United States of America, commensurate with what his mentors taught him concerning Cloward-Pliven, in order to destroy our economy and force a change to socialism/communism, if not that mixed with or eventually replaced by Sharia law.  His ENTIRE background absolutely screams this.  His selection of several dozen czars, most of […]

Commentary on the Las Vegas Shootings

While indeed tragic, this incident was incredibly and exceptionally rare. Blaming this on the political right wing, however, is like blaming the Manson murders on California. Those of us leaning to the right absolutely abhor criminal activity. Manson was a psycho. These perps were psychos. They are not representative of the political right in any […]

Mission Critical Voting Strategy

Your voting strategy in 2014 and 2016 will be absolutely CRITICAL to the future of our nation! We absolutely MUST vote out the Democrats, particularly out of the White House. If a Democrat is elected following Obama, the shadow court, commonly known as Obama’s Czars, will remain. They are mostly composed of vastly under-educated and […]

Domestic Terrorism vs Patriotism

If anyone accuses you of domestic terrorism, shove this in their face: I am NOT a domestic terrorist.  When you examine the details of my posts, they all boil down to one thing: Supporting and Defending the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. ACCORDING TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, […]

The 21st Century Paradigm Shift

In his video Drive, Dan Pink clearly explains why external rewards are but a small percentage of what drives us to perform.  It’s those internal rewards which drive us to achieve ever greater heights of achievement.  Companies who have “free thought days,” where  employees get to sit around and brainstorm ways to improve the company, […]

Closing Forum Threads is Collective Punishment

Despite calls from experienced message forum mods and admins throughout the Internet community for more than two decades, we still see threads being closed because of the actions of one or two unsavory individuals. One moderator recently remarked, “there is someone amongst us that cannot follow the polite rules of civil discourse and who with […]

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